How do I split my MP3 recordings?

Question : How do I split my MP3 recordings?

I have recently been trying to transfer music cassette tapes to MP3 format using Audacity ( I play the tape and set Audacity to record. While this works fine, unfortunately the Audacity software treats the album as one long track. Is there a way of taking the one long track and dividing it up into the dozen or so individual tracks that make up the album? Or must I record each track individually? I am using Audacity 1.2.6 and I run Windows Vista.

Solution : How do I split my MP3 recordings?

You can do this manually or automatically, depending on how accurate you want to be. First, though, we recommend updating your version of Audacity, as 1.2.6 is now several years old. You can download the latest version from


Use Audacity’s Silence Finder tool to detect gaps and split recordings

Let’s try the easy method first. Once you’ve captured the recording, open the Analyze menu and choose Silence Finder. This will look for quiet points in the audio and apply labels at the start of each ‘noisy’ part. Next, choose Export Multiple from the File menu and Audacity will save each labeled area as a separate file.

However, this method may not work well with old or noisy recordings. So, to do the job manually, click to place the selection cursor at the start of a song, then choose the Add Label at Selection’ option from the Tracks menu (or use the keyboard shortcut Control and B). Repeat for all tracks and follow our earlier instructions to save each track as a separate file.