Algorithms for Compiler Design: USING DAG FOR CODE GENERATION

To rearrange the final computation order for more-efficient code-generation, we first obtain a DAG representation of the basic block, and then we order the nodes of the DAG using heuristics. Heuristics attempts to order the nodes of a DAG so that, if possible, a node immediately follows the evaluation of its left-most operand. 1 Heuristic DAG Ordering The algorithm for heuristic ordering is given below. It lists the nodes of Continue Reading →

Windows 7 : Tweaking Your WDS Server – Using WDS to Name Machines

What is the most difficult part of deploying a desktop operating system? Choosing the applications to include in an image (if any) might seem difficult, but that tends to be a pretty straightforward process because you just find the common denominator in the usage requirements and look at the licensing requirements. Choosing a deployment solution can also be straightforward. Once again, licensing comes into play and you just figure out Continue Reading →

Online Safety for Children in Gaming

Online games can be a lot of fun, but they can also pose several dangers to your children if neither you nor your children know how to be safe in an online gaming environment. It’s very easy to stay safe in online games with a few simple tips. 1. Keep a Clean and Secure Computer Viruses and spyware can be acquired through online games through various means. Another player could Continue Reading →