Broly – The Berserker That Brings Destruction Guide

If you have a team that you have used to beat Broly please add it to the team recommendations list. Rewards & Drops:  4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each stage The event Specific Dokkan medal   Character Rarity HP ATK DEF Leader Skill Passive Skill Broly – Lurking Horror SR > SSR 6,224 6,212 2,997 ATK increased by 13% for all Types ATK +20% when turn begins V V V Dokkan Continue Reading →

The Inimitable Fusion – Gogeta Event Guide

If you can add to the guide or add in some team recommendations please do so. Rewards & Drops: 4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each stage Veku – Unpredictable Paunch drops randomly on Z-Hard 20 stamina The event Specific Dokkan medal  Character Type Rarity Cost HP ATK DEF Veku – Unpredictable Paunch PHY SR > SSR 14 9,480 5,413 388 Stages: Stage Boss Drops Difficulty Stam Unit XP Rank XP Continue Reading →

Vegito – Super Fusion! Blazing Potara Dokkan Event Guide

Rewards & Drops: 4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each stage. The Event specific Dokkan Medal Stages: Stage Stam Difficulty Boss Drops Unit XP Rank XP Zeni Miraculious Fusion 10 Normal – 5,000 1,500 5,200 Miraculious Fusion 15 Hard – 15,000 4,000 10,000 Miraculious Fusion 20 Z-Hard 1st Battle: 2nd Battle: – 50,000 8,000 22,500 Meet Vegito 50 Super Hard 1st Battle: 2nd Battle: 3rd Battle: x7 100,000 14,000 55,000 40 Continue Reading →

Online Safety for Children in Gaming

Online games can be a lot of fun, but they can also pose several dangers to your children if neither you nor your children know how to be safe in an online gaming environment. It’s very easy to stay safe in online games with a few simple tips. 1. Keep a Clean and Secure Computer Viruses and spyware can be acquired through online games through various means. Another player could Continue Reading →

Test Your Reflexes With Reflex Tester For Android

In 1995 the Reflex Tester was launched on the web. The ability to measure your reflexes simply by clicking when the color changed, appealed to a lot of people. Because of this, it was (and still is) used a lot. Several websites have since then included it on their sites, giving lots of people the possibility to have fun and test their reflexes at the same time.

SmartPixel: Game Recording And Easy Video Editing Software

The game videos are very popular on the video sharing sites like YouTube and Twitch, the gamers are willing to spend lots of time on creating gaming videos or tutorials to share with others and thus they get lots of subscriptions and comments. Through game videos the gamers could interacted very well. However, good game videos need not only professional skills to play games, but also unique thoughts on video Continue Reading →

10 Fun Christmas Games For Android


Christmas is around the corner and while there might be some fun activities for you on this special day, it is quite inevitable that you will face some dull moments when you have nothing fun to do. So, when all the shops have closed, Christmas goodies have been distributed, your family and friends have left and you are stuck with your TV, then it might be a good idea to Continue Reading →