Vintage Hi-fi : B&O Beogram 4000 Turntable (Part 1)

B&O Beogram 4000 Turntable_1

It was a technical tour-de-force in its time and can lay claim to being one of the most complex decks ever to enter mass production. But how does it measure up today? The Beogram 4000 is as much respected for its industrial design as it is for its audio performance. Launched in 1972 at a price of around $270.34, the 4000 was generally the preserve of wealthy music lovers rather Continue Reading →

Super Test Stereo Amplifiers – Sonic Boon (Part 2) : Audiolab 8200A, Cyrus 6a


Super Test Stereo Amplifiers – Sonic Boon (Part 1) : Arcam FMJ A19 Audiolab 8200A The Audiolab 8200A has some rather big shoes to fill. Its predecessor, the 8000A, was a landmark product, establishing Audiolab as a brand and, thanks to its excellent build quality and features, became an amp many aspired to having in their rack in the 1980s. The 8200A cuts a similar shape, albeit with a simpler Continue Reading →

Super Test Stereo Amplifiers – Sonic Boon (Part 1) : Arcam FMJ A19


Your amplifier is the engine-room of your system. So if you’re serious about sound, it makes sense to invest in a serious amp. Like one of these, for instance… A good stereo amplifier is the driving force behind any hi-fi system, helping you to really get the most out of your music. Exactly what it is you want from your amp will depend on how you like your sound, and Continue Reading →

Samsung Phones Through Ages


From the SH-100, the first ever phone of Korean electronics brands founded in 1988, till now, Samsung has taken a long step in mobile phone field. Here are the impressive mobile phone models of Samsung in the past 25 years: Samsung SH-100 In 1988, after a while researching and developing, Samsung released SH-100. At that time, the Korean electronics firm could only sell 1,000 to 2,000 devices. Samsung SH-700 Till Continue Reading →

Angry Bird Space – They are back (Part 2)

Angry Bird Space - They are back_7

Angry Bird Space – They are back (Part 1) Ice Bird This ice cube colored and shaped bird is a brand new addition to the flock. Ice Bird is an extraterrestrial that seeks the aid of the flock in order to capture an item called the Eggsteroid. Not much else is said about this mysterious bird, and his background is kept a secret. Ice Bird has the unique ability to Continue Reading →

Angry Bird Space – They are back (Part 1)

Angry Bird Space - They are back_1

If you have an iOS device, chances are you have at least one version of Rovio’s ever popular Angry Birds saga. The casual game app has seen possibly the greatest success from the boom of the mobile gaming market. In fact, Angry Birds has even started to move onto PCs and it can even be played on television sets with a “Roku” device. Since its creation, Rovio has released three Continue Reading →

Atoll ST200 Media Player/DAC Review (Part 2)

Atoll ST200 Media Player_3

Atoll ST200 Media Player/DAC Review (Part 1) More important is the Atoll’s timing ability; this is what reels you in and makes you want to listen. It’s the equal to the Cyrus Lyric in this regard, but the Atoll has a rounder tonal balance and a textured, detailed midrange than the Cyrus’ line output, which is a little bright by comparison. The Atoll delves deep into the quiet parts of Continue Reading →

Atoll ST200 Media Player/DAC Review (Part 1)


Atoll was started by the brothers Stéphane and Emmanuel Dubreuil in 1997, with the aim of building, “reasonably priced true high-end audio electronics for budget-conscious audiophiles”. An admirable goal and one that started out with amplifiers and now extends to a wide range of electronics for two channel and multichannel systems, all made in Normandy, France. Atoll ST200 front view The ST200 is the more expensive of two streamers in Continue Reading →

CM Storm Scout 2 – Hello Scout 2


Did the Scout need fixing? CMStorm thinks so The first CM Storm Scout was a dependable, surprisingly roomy case that didn’t take up much space and was still easy on the eye all for under $160. CM Storm has obviously seen room for improvement though – hello Scout 2. Like its forefather, it offers space for giant graphics cards in a relatively small chassis and remains below the triple figure Continue Reading →

Audio Technica ATH-FC707 – No Headline, Too Busy Enjoy Music


There is a certain amount of already seen here. Haven’t I already reviewed something like this? And it’s from the same manufacturer no less. Well to be frank, the last one had been far less comfortable to use. This one is like ear candy. Delicious candy… Audio Technica ATH-FC707 Quite comfy The ear cups are small. Possibly miniscule. As such, they don’t actually encompass the ear so much as they Continue Reading →