Apache Mod Proxy with Cache throwing 503 responses and (OS 10060) errors

Question : Apache Mod Proxy with Cache throwing 503 responses and (OS 10060) errors We are running Apache 2.2.3 with proxy and caching on Windows Server 2003.  It is proxying to an external site.  When the external site is access directly we do not get 503 HTTP Response Codes, however when we access the site through the proxy it does throw 503 responses periodically.  When Apache Proxy throws a 503 response Continue Reading →

Generate OpenSSL CSR

Question : Generate OpenSSL CSR We have an IronPort C100 server with an installed SSL certificate that is going to expire on June 12th.  I’ve begun the renewal process with Network Solutions, but in order to continue need to provide them with our CSR.  The IronPort server does not have a mechanism for generating a CSR so IronPort technical support recommends using OpenSSL to generate the necessary CSR.  I’ve tried to Continue Reading →

MySQL service on Wamp Server [Stops]

Question : MySQL service on Wamp Server [Stops] Hi all, I’ve Wamp Server installed on a server and running on a 24/24 basis. Since quite some time, however, the MySQL [Version 4.1] service stops in the morning.I’ve attached 2 screenshots of the services which use the port 3306 and the log file output each time the MySQL service stops suddenly. Can someone help to find a solution to this problem apart Continue Reading →