Websense License Count Issue

Question : Websense License Count Issue Hi techies, We have implemented Websense enterprise suite 6.3 as web traffic filtering over ISA 2004 EE in our env. how ever i am facing issue with websense licence count everyday. our company has 500 nos of websense user licence. and problem is when licence count reaches to 500 after that each client connecting will not be filtered by websense. that means 501th client will Continue Reading →

Possible Hacker

Question : Possible Hacker Hi guys! I have this IP that is trying to connect to my SQL server…  I’m unable to resolve it.  Who is it, which provider is giving this IP.  Is there a way to trace that IP? Thanks!   Solution: Possible Hacker Er, are you sure this isn’t just a multicast address?  Some device internal to your network?  229/8 is usually listed as Continue Reading →