ORA-12569: TNS:packet checksum failure – Oracle 10.2 to MySQL 5.0

Question : ORA-12569: TNS:packet checksum failure – Oracle 10.2 to MySQL 5.0

I’m getting this error when tnsping-ing the SID defined below.  The ODBC connection MySQLTDSN works. How do I resolve the error?


SID Listener:
(PROGRAM = hsodbc)
(ORACLE_HOME = C:oraclexeapporacleproduct10.2.0server)


Solution: ORA-12569: TNS:packet checksum failure – Oracle 10.2 to MySQL 5.0

Possibly you miss some of these steps;

Here is an article I wrote on Hetergeneous Services. In order to connect to SQL*Server from Oracle, you must do several things:

1. Install ODBC drivers for the SQL*Server database. The drivers are installed on your laptop or on
the server that contains the Oracle code tree.
2. Setup the ODBC connection on your laptop using the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator
3. Test the ODBC drivers to ensure that connectivity is made to the non-Oracle database.
4. Ensure the Global_names parameter is set to False in the Oracle database.
5. Configure the Hetergeneous services. This consists of creating an initodbc.ora file within the Oracle
Oracle database installation.
7. Modify the Listener.ora file on the database installation to connect to the Oracle instance and ODBC drivers.
8. Modify the Tnsnames.ora file to point to the proper code tree.
9. Reload the listener
10. Create a database link on the Oracle installation.
11. Run a Select statement for the Oracle installation using the database link.