OracleDBConsole service missing

Question : OracleDBConsole service missing

My question is I reinstalled OEM and it was working fine with the DB I created during installation, but after deleting that DB using DBCA, I created a new database.

Now for some reason when I try to access OEM from the URL, it gives error msg “503 the service is Unavailable: Service is not initialized correctly. Verify that the repository connection information provided is correct.”

Following services are runing:


I cant see OracleDBConsole there and trying to force start it says:

C:>net start OracleDBConsoleCWBIDW
The service name is invalid.

More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2185.

C:>net helpmsg 2185

The service name is invalid.


You tried to start a service that is not configured on this system.


Check the spelling of the service name or check the configuration information for the service using the Services option from Server Manager.

Solution: OracleDBConsole service missing

Either your instance is not running or you issue the command from other machine.
This command will create some tables in SYSMAN schema, so the instance has
to be running and available. The Listener too.