WUC-24: Error reading URL

Question : WUC-24: Error reading URL

I have Oracle Application Server 10g Release 10g (9.0.4) running on Windows Server 2003.  I’m connecting to it via a IE browser on my PC to run forms (created and compiled using Oracle Developer Suite 9.0.4).  I’ve configured everything according to the webutil.pdf documentation

The folder is there “forms90/webutil”, the virtual directory is set in the forms90.conf file as:

# Virtual path mapping for WebUtil files
AliasMatch ^/forms90/webutil/(..*) “E:Ora904_Home_2/forms90/webutil/$1”

But when I open up a form I get the following errors when I look at the Java Console on my desktop:

Downloading http://d4apda01/forms90/java/frmwebutil.jar to JAR cache
Downloading http://d4apda01/forms90/java/f90all_jinit.jar to JAR cache
RegisterWebUtil – Loading WebUtil Version 1.0.6
Downloading http://d4apda01/forms90/java/jacob.jar to JAR cache

connectMode=HTTP, native.

Forms Applet version is :

2007-May-11  17:59:25.744 ERROR>WUC-24 [URLDownload.pullFile()] Error reading URL http://d4apda01/forms90/webutil/jacob.dll

2007-May-11  17:59:43.245 ERROR>WUC-24 [URLDownload.pullFile()] Error reading URL http://d4apda01/forms90/webutil/JNIsharedstubs.dll

2007-May-11  17:59:46.932 ERROR>WUC-24 [URLDownload.pullFile()] Error reading URL http://d4apda01/forms90/webutil/d2kwut60.dll

All those files exist in those subdirectories.  Any clues??  I’m stuck at this point.



Solution: WUC-24: Error reading URL

The access_log file is in $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs directory.  Try to access the URL, look for the file with the most current modify date and open that up in wordpad.  Also look at the error_log file as well for the reason for why the access to the webutil URL doesn’t work.