Problem: (SAGE 200) Login/Authentication error :: “Timeout expired” :: [Win XP Pro, SBS 2003, SQL Server 2000]

Problem: (SAGE 200) Login/Authentication error :: “Timeout expired” :: [Win XP Pro, SBS 2003, SQL Server 2000]

We have a network over which our SBS2003 hosts the Sage 200 sql database.  Workstations are all connected through a Workgroup, and not Active Directory.  We have 2 workstations that have been using Sage 200. We have purchased and installed a third licence so that we can add a new user to the Sage system.

We have installed the Sage 200 client software on the workstation ‘JODIE’ using the sage200cd setup exe from the server ‘SERVER’.  So far so good, the SPOOL and LOGON directories were correctly specified during installation and have been confirmed in JODIE’s [Sage 200] Program Files directory.

The problem
JODIE can load Sage 200 and she can see the list of Companies; I believe this list is generated by Sage and does not represent a connection to sql.  However, any attempt to connect/open the company will result in one of two error messages:

“Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion or the server is not responding.”
“Invalid operation. The connection is closed”

What’s been done
JODIE can access SERVER with read/write permissions, and the Sage200 directory on SERVER. The JODIE user profile (logon/password) has been added to the SERVER as a local user.  We have tried installing Sage200 client software on other network computers and all fail to logon using the new ‘Jodie’ Sage username.  The Sage usernames are all present and correct in Sages System Administrator.  JODIE and all network computers can connect to Sage System Administrator successfuly.  JODIE can PING the server SERVER successfuly.  All computers on network are Win XP Professional.  JODIE is Win XP HOME.  No computer on network (XP Pro or ‘Home) other than the two that are currently working with Sage can connect to Sage 200 using any Sage User other than the afforementioned Sage Users. The computer names of the two working computers are called JOHN and FELICITY.

What’s being asked
Can anyone indicate what is at fault here, and offer a fix?  I am not a Windows Server expert but I know a bit.  This is not my fulltime job so I will appreciate any advice.  I have tried to give as much information as possible, I will be glad to provide more should you need it.

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Solution: (SAGE 200) Login/Authentication error :: “Timeout expired” :: [Win XP Pro, SBS 2003, SQL Server 2000]

I can think of a few but it’s one of those I’d love to get my hands on. I would start with the following:

Is SAGE using ODBC? If so, ODBC only works with Windows authentication to connect to the database unless the application is specifically passing a SQL username and password as part of its connection string.

In this case, there would be a sync issue between the username and password on the server versus the client. Try logging onto the server interactively as the JODIE user and see if you can connect or try connecting to a hidden share on the server (assuming no other shares are defined) from a PC logged on as the JODIE user (something like \servernamec$ is a good test to use). You might want to bump the JODIE user to an “administrator” on the server to try these tests.

Good luck!