10 Fun Christmas Games For Android

Christmas is around the corner and while there might be some fun activities for you on this special day, it is quite inevitable that you will face some dull moments when you have nothing fun to do. So, when all the shops have closed, Christmas goodies have been distributed, your family and friends have left and you are stuck with your TV, then it might be a good idea to put your Android device to work to play some fun games.

10 Fun Android Games To Play This Christmas

Here is a list of 10 fun games to make your Christmas more fun. If you have any suggestions for Android games that we might have missed in this list, then share them with us by leaving a comment below.

Christmas Mahjong Free

Christmas Mahjong is a free Mahjong solitaire game with a Christmas theme. The aim of the user is to remove all  paired tiles from the board. Some of the main features of this game include; a classic Mahjong solitaire game play, more than 20 boards to challenge your mind, compatibility with Android phones and tablets and varying levels of difficulty to suit your expertise. Although, the free version is fully unlocked, an in-app purchase is required if you want to remove the ads.

Christmas Mahjong Free

Pandas VS Ninjas Christmas

Help brave Pandas to defeat evil Ninjas in a fun game to make your holidays enjoyable to defend Pandas’ homeland by fighting Ninja invaders. This is the Christmas version of the Pandas VS ninjas Game, which comes with multiple levels and realistic physics simulation.

Pandas vs Ninjas Christmas

Bubble Blast Holiday

As mentioned in my post for the 10 Best Android Games for Halloween, Bubble Blast has multiple versions, including one for Christmas. With the Bubble Blast Holiday edition you can trigger a Christmas Chain Reaction to burst Christmas characters. The game is available in two modes, including the “Puzzle Mode” and “Arcade Mode”. The Puzzle Mode comes with 2500 exclusives levels, whereas the Arcade mode is for players who wish to play the game freely.

Bubble Blast Holiday

Christmas Tree Maker

It’s that time of year again, when the whole family gets together to decorate the Christmas tree.With the Christmas Tree Maker app, you can select a specific type of tree, decorate your tree and select a background that suits your Christmas tree. Furthermore, you can post the tree on Facebook or email it to a friend.  While Christmas Tree Maker may not exactly be a proper game but it can be fun to play to pass some time.

Christmas Tree Maker

Snowman Maker

And if making snowmen in the snow is more your thing, then Snowman Maker is perhaps the best game to help you create a virtual snowman. Just like the Christmas tree Maker app you can start by selecting a background setting and start making a snowman by choosing the size and number of snowballs. After the initial snowman is complete, you can add eyes and ears and use your imagination to further customize your snowman. To show off your snowman online, share it to Facebook or email his picture to friends.

Snowman Maker

Restaurant Story: Christmas

With a rating of 4.5 on Google Play, Restaurant Story Christmas is a free virtual game which allows decorating an entire virtual Restaurant for Christmas. Use festive Yuletide decorations and tasty holiday treats with some Christmas themed recipes to make your Android go Christmas Happy. The game provides users options to; Design and build a restaurant, decorate it with holiday items, collect rewards as you progress in the game, customize your menu and socialize with other virtual restaurants.

Restaurant Story Christmas

Christmas Puzzle Game: Jigsaw

As the name implies, this is a Jigsaw game for Christmas, with a Santa Claus Christmas jigsaw puzzle. The user requires dragging multiple pieces to the right place to recreate the image. The game becomes tougher as you advance to newer levels. Christmas Puzzle Game comes with many photo levels, multiple skill levels, a hint system, level selector and provides the option to save images to your SD Card or to set them as your wallpaper.

Christmas Puzzle Game Jigsaw

Christmas Games (For Kids)

If you are looking for something fun for the little ones at home, then Christmas Games provides a fine set of kids games. The children’s games for Christmas in this app includes 5 games. This includes the following games; Jigsaw Puzzle, Shape Puzzle, Connect the Dot, Memory Game and Scratch game. Such games can not only be quite helpful in engaging children in a  fun activity, but can also be useful to enhance the cognitive skills of your child. These Android games can be rated as not only entertaining, but also as educational (especially for preschool kids).

Christmas Games

Santa Claus Christmas Games

This is another fun game for kids that can be handy this holiday season.  Santa Clause Christmas Game is basically a memory game where the user requires matching pairs to help Santa Claus find pairs of Christmas objects, Animal sounds and Shades of color. The game has 3 different worlds which include the Christmas tree, snowman and fireplace.

Santa Claus Christmas Games

100 Christmas Gifts

100 Christmas Gifts is a game for people of all ages. The user requires helping Santa to open all the gifts in time for Christmas. This puzzle game requires you to help Santa solve the puzzles and advance to newer levels (next room of the house).

100 Christmas Gifts

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