Guardian of the Sanctuary – Kibito Super Strike Event Guide

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  • 3 dragon stones. One for completing each stage
Character Rarity HP ATK DEF Leader Skill Passive Skill

Kibito – Letter of the Law
SR > SSR 7,128 5,205 3,969 STR Type HP & ATK increased by 30% HP +5% at start of turn


Stage Difficulty Boss/ Type Stam Rank XP Unit XP Zeni
Guardian of the Sanctuary Normal 8 150 1,400 4,500
Guardian of the Sanctuary Hard 12 700 2,600 8,900
Guardian of the Sanctuary Z-Hard 15 3,000 12,000 18,500

*Note sometimes INT Kaio Shin appears alongside STR Kibito. If he does there is a chance of getting 2 Kibito’s after you beat them.

Extra info and tips:

  • STR Adult Gohan is an optional fight and doesn’t drop
  • Kibito – Letter of the Law isn’t a guaranteed drop. The higher the stage difficulty the higher the chances are of him dropping
  • A full AGL team is recommended for Z-Hard