Teen Trunks – The Time Traveling Warrior Super Strike Event Guide



  •  1 Dragon Stone for completing each stage. For a total of 4 Dragon Stones
  • The event Specific Dokkan medal used to dokkan awaken Trunks Teen – Future Hope
Character Rarity HP ATK DEF Leader Skill Passive Skill

Trunks Teen – Future Hope
SR > SSR 7,562 5,229 3,721 STR Type HP & ATK +30% ATK and DEF +10% for all allies
V V V Dokkan Awaken V V V

Trunks Teen – Hope Hidden in the Mind
SSR > UR 8,104 6,521 4,078 STR Type HP & ATK & DEF +30% ATK and DEF +15% for all allies


Quest Name Difficulty Boss Drops Stam Rank XP Unit XP Min Zeni
The Time-Travelling Warrior Normal 8 150 700 4,500
The Time-Travelling Warrior Hard 12 700 1,300 8,900
The Time-Travelling Warrior Z-Hard 18 3,000 6,000 18,700
Warrior of Hope Z-Hard 1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
25 5,000 20,000 35,000

Note: INT Mecha Frieza and King Cold appear on the stages but they are not droppable.

Extra Info:

  • It’s best to take in a full AGL team to take down STR Trunks.
  • The higher the stage difficulty the higher the chances are of Trunks Teen – Future Hope Dropping
  • To battle on the 25 stamina super strike stage your team cost cannot exceed 100

25 stamina super strike stage tips:

Note: You can farm this Trunks to level the Special ATKs on other UR and SSR Teen Trunks you might have