How do I quickly stop a print job?

Question : How do I quickly stop a print job?

Sometimes, instead of printing just one page of a large document, I accidentally print the whole document. It takes ages to visit the Windows 7 Control Panel to find the printer settings and cancel printing, and in the meantime a large number of pages will have been printed. Is there some way to put an icon on the Desktop that will allow me to cancel printing immediately?

Solution : How do I quickly stop a print job?

First, check whether your printer has its own Cancel button. If it does, pressing and holding it down should cancel the current print job and clear it from the Windows 7 print queue.


To access printing jobs or cancel printing, put an icon on the Desktop. Double-clicking the icon will open the print queue

This is by far the quickest and easiest method of cancelling a print job. If no such button exists another option is to access the print queue from the Notification Area. Just right-click the printer icon there and choose Open All Active Printers.

Finally, yes – you can indeed put an icon on the Desktop. Click start, to open the Devices and Printers Control Panel, then drag and drop your printer’s icon to the Desktop. Double-clicking it will immediately open the print queue.