Address Of IP Address – Trace Location Of IP Address From Chrome

Address of IP Address is a Google Chrome extension, similar to previously reviewed IP Geo Locator, that displays more detailed information of a specified IP address right down to its country, city, IP number, longitude and latitude. It also displays a visual map from Google Maps to show the IP location on a map.

Just enter the IP address that you wish to find the location for (from the Address of IP Address icon next to the browser bar) and hit Get Address.


This will open up a page displaying the location information of the IP address. The provided information along with country, city, region, IP number, etc also displays the time zone and the GMT offset time of the location where the server that hosts the IP is located.


A visual map is also presented on the same webpage showing the location of the IP address.


It must be noted however, that some errors may occur in the given information, as the use of remote desktop connection and citrix one can change the address of the system to a separate location (when tracking).

Address OF IP Address Extension for Chrome