How To Install & Setup CentOS 5 As A Server [Video & Download Link]

CentOS no doubt has become a viable free alternative to Red Hat distributions with the capacity of acting both as a server and client operating system. In the wake of the latest CentOS 5 release, here is a video to walk you through the procedure for CentOS 5 installation, courtesy of Easy Free Unix.

Download CentOS 5

Installation Video [via Easy Free Unix]

About Cent OS:

CentOS is an Enterprise Linux distribution based on open source Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Each CentOS version is supported for 7 years (by means of security updates). A new CentOS version is released every 2 years and each CentOS version is periodically updated (almost every 6 months) to support newer hardware. CentOS version numbers have two parts, including a major version and a minor release version. The major and minor version numbers respectively correspond to the major version and update set of Red Hat Enterprise Linux from which the source packages for CentOS are taken. For instance, CentOS 4.4 is built from the source packages of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 update 4.

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