Handy Keyboard Shortcuts For MS Outlook And Outlook.com Webmail

Microsoft seems to have admitted that Hotmail isn’t working as well as they would like. This is why they have launched a newer version of Hotmail, known as Outlook.com. In an attempt to reinvigorate the UI and make the webmail experience more user friendly, they have made a number of changes, including the addition of a Metro style user interface. If you have used the desktop version of MS Outlook, then you might find these changes quite familiar. In fact, now you can use several hotkeys which are already available for the desktop version of MS Outlook.

If you like using keyboard shortcuts to speed up your tasks on Microsoft Outlook, then you might find the below mentioned hotkeys useful for making your Outlook.com experience more pleasant.


Outlook.com / Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard Shortcuts

Delete a message Delete
Create a new message CTRL+N
Send a message CTRL+Enter
Open a message CTRL+Shift+O
Print a message CTRL+Shift+P
Reply to a message CTRL+R
Reply all to a message CTRL+Shift+R
Forward a message CTRL+Shift+F
Save a draft message CTRL+S
Flag a message for follow up L
Categorize a message C
Mark a message as junk CTRL+Shift+J
Mark a message as unread CTRL+U
Move to a folder CTRL+Shift+V
Open the next message CTRL+.
Open the previous message CTRL+,
Close a message Esc
Search your email messages /
Check Spelling F7
Select All S then A
Deselect All S then N
Go to the inbox F then I
Go to your Drafts folder F then D
Go to your Sent folder F then S


You can also save this image to keep a record of the Outlook hotkeys.

Outlook.com hotkeys

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