Get ICS Based MIUI ROM For HTC One X

It’s about time that the MIUI magic came to HTC One X. This ROM is a beta version that has been modified by “Leventcat MIUI Android. The installation procedure for this ROM is not conventional, however it isn’t rocket science either. In this post we will show you the process to install this visually appealing ROM on your HTC One X smartphone.

This MIUI ROM is at the moment said to be working fine. The changes that have been made to it by  Leventc to the original version include the following:

  • Replacement of Chinese files with English ones.
  • An English Lockscreen.
  • Permission Manager ROOT Permission is now fixed.
  • Addition of MIUI Metro icons, along with AROMA installer.

image image


Please follow the below given guide at your own risk. WML Cloud and it’s team will not be responsible if your HTC One X gets damaged or bricked during the installation of this ROM. It is advised that you check the current status of this ROM from the link given at the end of this post before proceeding with the below given process.



1. To get started, download and extract the ROM (from the link given above).
2. Locate the boot.img file from the extracted folder and copy it to the folder where fastboot.exe is present, in the Android SDK.
3. Now, copy the Google Apps package and ROM in ZIP format to the root of your SD card.
4. Once done, boot your phone to fastboot mode and connect it to your computer.
5. Launch command prompt or a terminal, navigate to the location of fastboot.exe file and enter this command:

fastboot flash boot

6. Once flashed, boot your device to recovery mode and navigate to install the ZIP file from the following path: sdcard -> choose zip from SDcard and select the ROM.
7. After the ROM is flashed, restart your phone, change language after reboot and restart it again.
8. You can now choose HTC Sense as your default input via Language and Input method.

For more details and any kind of queries, head over to the MIUI link given below.

[via Miui Android]