ShakeCall Lets Your Android Device Receive And End Calls With A Shake

ShakeCall forAndroid is a free application which allows you to receive phone calls in the most novel way possible, i.e.  you receive and end calls by  giving your mobile device a shake or by simply holding it to your ear.

This application monitors feedback from your phone’s accelerometer, as well as  proximity sensor in the event of an incoming or outgoing call and provides the utility to receives or ends calls whenever the monitored value matches or exceeds defined user levels.  Hence resulting in the phone to vibrate according to default settings. You can get this shaking app from theAndroid Market link given at the end of this post.

The enabling of Disconnect Call Fix option helps make sure that the calls do not disconnect while you’re holding the phone to the ear. Receiving calls via the proximity sensor will only work when the Shaking to receive call feature is enabled.

You can get this free app via the Google Play link given below.

Post Update:

There have been a number of updates to this application since our last review, these include patches, acceleration settings and more. Update details can be acquired from the Android Market (Google Play) link given below, which contains the complete change log.

Download ShakeCall