cwbsy1008 General security error

Question : cwbsy1008 General security error

The backstory:  I recently set up a new system and installed IBM’s iSeries client access for our AS400 and the little puppy doesn’t work.

Error message:  cwbsy1008 General security error occured rc=000

Symptoms:  If you’re logged into the machine as admin, any user can then log into the AS400.
If a user is logged into the machine, then no one can log into the AS400 and they get the error message above.  This looks like a problem with the local machine and not the AS400.

Troubleshooting:  I checked permissions on the IBM directory and they look good.
Uninstall and reinstall of the application produced the same results.

Setup:  Windows XP Professional on a domain.
Domain users are members of the power users group.
This build of iSeries access is working great on dozens of other computers.

Any suggestions on what a guy can try?



Solution: cwbsy1008 General security error

Here’s what I did:  I gave the user local rights, installed the app, then took the rights away.  This gets them going for now.  It’s jsut a workaround rather than a fix, but it at least prevents me from pitching the computer into the river.  I would still be interested in a real fix if anyone has something they can pitch my way.