Guest Post Policy

If you want to write guest posts for us to promote your professional writing career, promote a software, web service or to build a freelance portfolio (such as Odesk or Elance), you are welcome to write for us. Any Guest Writers who has approved articles published on WML Cloud will also be provided a reference (on request), endorsing their work on our blog.

You can send us a review of any worthy Application, Add-on, Website, Gadget, Game, Mobile Device, Tablet, etc. You can also send us a worthy news item which is not more than a week old. Your article (if selected) will be published with

  • Your name, Pseudo name or company’s name
  • Email address (optional)
  • Picture (optional ) which will be published with you article.
  • Any additional information that you may choose to provide.

You can also include “relevant” links in the article to appropriate websites and your own blog. As per Google’s policy we do not encourage Guest Blogging only for links, however if there is any relevant information in your content that links to a website (including your own), you are welcome to add it.

Any software, browser add-on, web application or gadget that you may review will be tested by the editor to make sure that it is functional and free of malware.

You can send in your articles or suggestions for reviewing content at the following email address:

Rules For Sending Articles:

1. The post should be in English, with proper paragraph structure and a minimum word count of 300-400 words.

2. The content should be unique and not copied.

3. Post can contain screenshots, embedded videos, as well as related images and links which do not contain adult content.

4. If you are sending articles in a file other than Windows Live Writer e.g. MS Word document, PDF or the like, then make sure that you attach the screenshots and images with the email (if any). If you would like to know about some good screenshot taking applications, then refer to our post: “Best Free Software For Taking Screenshots”.

5, Your post should not contain adult content.

6. Free software and services will be given more preference including free versions of paid software and web services.

7. The writer must provide a Name, Pseudo name or company’s name for article credits and representation.

8. You must not republish the same article on other websites.

9. We hold the right to reject the post. In such a case the writer will be informed and the post will not be published or used by us in any way.

10. The articles can be related to Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile phones and any technology related content. It can also include reviews of paid products such as cameras, mobile phone sets, applications and the like.

11. Guest Posts will be published from our Contributors Profile. In case you would like to frequently write for us, you will be provided with a separate user account.