Problems archiving on Lotus Notes – error entry not found in index

Question : Problems archiving on Lotus Notes – error entry not found in index

We use Lotus Domino ver. 6.5 for our email system. Our users archive their email to a network share that is not on the Domino server. Recently some users when they click on Tools and Archive Settings, they get the error “Server Error: Entry not found in index”. If they try to use any of the archive options unders “Action”, such as “Archive Now”, they are asked if want to go ahead but then they get the same error. Thery cannot open the Archive log either. I can open their archivee from the network driver where they are stored so the archive file is still OK but you can’t archive any other mail. Some users can access it exactly the same way as before.
I did try updall on one of the affected files, I had to run it from the server tasks as I can’t get the server console to run.
Is there anything you can suggest please?
Many thanks


Solution: Problems archiving on Lotus Notes – error entry not found in index

Can you be more specific?  which profile did you delete? And was that profile for the mail file user?  There are a few different profiles for the email database.

This would be a whole lot easier if I could see what you’re doing.. we had a similar problem a few months back that we couldn’t solve until the user mailed me a copy of the database, then I could tell what the problem was in two seconds just by opening the database.

Ok, let’s take this in exact steps.

You log on with the USER’S Credentials.
Go to the User’s WORKSPACE so you see the icons.
Does the MAIL file have an ICON?  Does the ICON have a Mail file symbol?

Now, let’s create a new archive database, just for the heck of it.  File>>Database>> New and select the StdR6Mail template.  When deciding the location, let’s try putting it in the mail folder locally, first.  Open that archive database, and make sure the ACL is set correctly.

Now, as the user, open the LOCAL replica of the mail file.   (make a back up copy first, please).   Open the archive settings, and set it to archive to the local, and then test both the manual archive now.. to make sure it does archive, and archive on schedule (set it for ten minutes)  then check the local log.nsf for any error messages.  The archive log should also post an update.  Make sure the first set of tests is set to archive locally to locally. <

Now, replicate the local mail db to the server.   Create another replica of the new archive on the SAME Domino Server.
Open the Archive Settings on the Server (using the same user ID) and change the archive mail db to point to the new one that you put on the server, also schedule the archive to take place on the server.

Do a manual and scheduled archive.

IF THIS doesn’t work, then the user doesn’t have permission to run agents on the server.

If this DOES work, then the agent permissions on the DOMINO server are OK.  Make a DOS copy of the archive database to the network share.  And as the user, edit the archive settings to reflect the fullpath to the share.

On the SERVER copy of the archive settings, alter the archive settings to reflect the new location of the archive document.  Then as the user try to archive manually.  If that doesn’t work, then this is a network thing.  The user is trying to copy documents from the Domino server and put them on a share.   If it doesn’t work scheduled, then the DOMINO SERVER doesn’t have permission to access the share. Nor can it.

I’m thinking that the share has to be a valid drive on the domino server so that it acts like it’s part of the Domino server.  So, try mapping a drive and doing the same thing.

That’s all I have.. unless you want to send me a blank copy of that database. or do a netmeeting with one of us.

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