Change Internet Explorer Security Restrictions In Windows Server 2008

The default Internet Explorer security restrictions in Windows Server 2008 can be quite annoying. After installing Windows Server 2008, one may be interested in downloading some important hotfixes, software and other required tools. However, the default Internet Explorer policies ask for access permission for the website that is to be accessed and also sub-domains, related links (such as banner-ad URLs), etc. In this post I will tell you how to change the default Internet Explorer policies in Windows Server 2008.

Default Settings

Go to Start Menu and click Server Manager from Administrative Tools.

Default Policy

From Server manager, click on “Configure IE ESC” located at the right hand side corner. Select “Off” for the Administrator or/and all users. For example, the security features can be kept for the Administrator account due to security reasons, while other users can be restricted by the default settings.

Turn Off Security

If the security restrictions still seem tight, it might be worth changing some configurations from Tools-> Internet Options –> Security and Privacy (tabs).