cannot start ccmsetup service error 1053 sccm

Question : cannot start ccmsetup service error 1053 sccm

hi, i am having issues with installing clients for sccm through client push. everytime i try to install the client through the sccm console, i recieve the error message ‘cannot start service ccmsetup on ‘machinename’ error 1053′ in the ccm.log file. i have client installation accounts configured that are domain admins,and they can access the \clientadmin$system32 path.
in the control panel of the clients, configuration manager seems to be installed, but the service still doesnt start. it is run by local user. if i try to use another account, i get a logon error.

in the sccm console, under collections, the machines are showing as assigned, and the correct stecode and domain is appering. under client it says no and under approved it says N/A.

this is my first time installing sccm, so i may just be overlooking something. all feedback is gretly appreciated,
many thanks,


Solution: cannot start ccmsetup service error 1053 sccm

Take a look through here:

Whatever value you put for SMSSLP should be pingable from the client.  If you can’t ping it, the CCM client can’t see it.

SCCM command line options:

I would suggest grabbing a test PC and running the command line by hand, at the PC to get the client up and talking to the server before you try expertimenting pushing it out from the server.

If the roles are setup right at the server, this should work if you manually type it at the PC:


If you still get errors in the logs, remove the client with ccmsetup.exe /uninstall and then try again