E00 Log files missing Help needed.

Question : E00 Log files missing Help needed.

2 days ago my exchange server crashed and the reason was this error code C1041739 and then C1041724. I recovered the database and mounted the store successfully, but unfortunatly today morning the Exchange Server Crashed again, mails stores are not mounting. Last time I used eseutil /r successfully.
Now today when i am trying to use same /R parameter the ” (JET_errMissingLogFile, Current log file missing) after i.15 seconds. ” is showing up.
now the question is how can i run the recover parameter with eseutil without log files. Because in the locations of database files i.e edb, stm there is no such log files with the name of E00. I have no idea how to create those files so that i can run this recover option again.
The status of all database files are ” Clean Shutdown” but still unable to mount the stores.

Please help in this regard will be highly appriciated.

Solution: E00 Log files missing Help needed.

Wow what a problem.
Remove Exchange off the new server.

Then after this is accomplished successfully, read this article:

It explains the use of Recovery Storage Groups. You can use this to recover the email. It has a section on how to manually place the database into place.

You also may want to consider spending $245 and place a call into Microsoft Product Support. Especially since it has now been 9 days that the users have been without their old email. It just depends on how important this is to you.