Fighting Tiger Liberal: Perfect Action Game For Low End Android Devices

Fighting Tiger – Liberal is a free 3D action game for Android that works smoothly on low-end Android devices. If you own an Android device that has little internal memory and hardware that does not support the advanced 3D action games available on Google Play, then its time you played Fighting Tiger – Liberal.

Aero QLaunch Is A Stylish 3D Quick Launch Toolbar For Windows 7

Aero QLaunch is a stylish 3D quick launch toolbar for Windows 7 and Windows 8, which displays all programs housed within the quick launch folder, in the form of 3D bubbles, upon mouse hover. What makes it different from other default Windows toolbars, is its unique bubble icons, which are displayed with a mouse hover over the icon of Aero QLaunch  (located next to the system tray).

Windows 7 Theme Manager Downloads HD Wallpapers By Category

Windows 7 Theme Manager is an easy to use software which enables downloading beautiful HD wallpapers by categories such as Movies, TV, Cars, Sports, Animals, Abstract, Games, Landscape, 3D,Celebrities, etc. It downloads selected themes from its database of professionally designed wallpapers forWindows 7. Its built in catalogue can be set to download updated versions of selected themes as newer versions become available. You can also switch themes with a single Continue Reading →

Get Quick Access To Essential Windows Options With Handy Shortcuts


Ever wanted to Lock your screen or Clear the clipboard in a single click? How about running a 3D Flip or enabling the screen saver from a shortcut button? Handy Shortcuts is a portable application which allows adding up to twenty useful shortcuts to your desktop. These include shortcuts to switch user, shutdown, restart, log off, lock or hibernate PC, single click access to Device manager, Windows Defender, Add & Continue Reading →

Create LEGO Models On Windows & Mac With LEGO Digital Designer

I still remember playing with the cute LEGO brick as a child. Now the LEGO company has created an official application known as LEGO Digital Designer which works like real LEGO blocks on a computer. It is a free application which allows you to make your very own Lego model on your Windows or Mac. You can either create models from scratch or modify the available designs. The models appear Continue Reading →

Perform Network Throughput Test On Wired And Wireless Networks

Network throughput is a measure taken as the average rate of successful message delivery over a channel of communication. Such data may be transferred over a link, or may pass through a certain network node and is usually measured in bits per or data packets per second,as well as data packets per time slot. TamoSoft Throughput Test is a software designed to perform this test. It runs as a client Continue Reading →

Share Specific Part Of YouTube Videos With

Sometimes when we share lengthy You Tube videos with our friends and family, it is not because of the entire video content but just a portion of it. is a web service that allows users to edit a You Tube video and generates a URL and embedded code for sharing it. This creates the utility of being able to share only the desired part of a selected video. This Continue Reading →