Dictate Emails To Windows Phone With Say Mail! Speech To Text App

While text to speech technology seems to be functional via various applications and web apps, the same cannot be said for “Speech To Text”. Many speech to text engines are highly dysfunctional and difficult to operate and train. Furthermore, apps like Siri or Microsoft’s TellMe can be quite dysfunctional when one wishes to dictate longer passages to them, (e.g. to send a text message). Say Mail! is a Windows Phone Continue Reading →

627.AM: Windows Phone Alarm, To-Do List And Weather App

If you are tired of the basic alarm clock functionality in your Windows Phone 7 device and are looking for something more robust with extra features, then try the 627.AM app. This free Windows Phone app comes with a number of rich features including alarm, to-do list and weather updates. 627.AM is a complete package to wake you up, help you revise your daily schedule and to find out how Continue Reading →

Watch Free Movies And TV Shows On Windows Phone With Crackle

Ever wanted to watch your favorite TV Show episodes and the latest movies on your Windows Phone for free? Try Crackle. Unlike Hulu Plus, you do not require signing up or paying any fee to watch movies or TV shows. Crackle resolves the problem of being unable to stream all the good content via Hulu from outside USA. While Crackle does not support all countries, however there are a number Continue Reading →

How To Get Windows Phone 8 Start Screen On Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 8 is the new powerful mobile operating system that is about to be launched by Microsoft. If you have been checking out the news about Windows Phone 8, then you might have seen the WP8 start screen. While there is little time left for the WP8 release, you can still get the Windows Phone 8 Start screen for your Windows Phone 7 device by using the W Phone Continue Reading →

New Features Of Windows Phone 8

After a lack luster performance by the Windows Phone 7 in the smartphone market, Microsoft is finally looking to clean up its act and provide users with a more robust smartphone operating system. The Windows Phone 8 is nearly ready for release and some of its new features were recently provided at the Windows Team Blog. We earlier covered a few details about the extraordinary new features of WP8. This Continue Reading →

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8 For Release This Fall


Microsoft has officially announced the release of its latest Windows Phone 8 operating system, which means that the formerly known Apollo OS now has an official name. The recent sneak peek event by Microsoft unveiled a lot of details regarding their latest OS. The hardware specifications for Windows Phone 8 appear to be quite impressive; however this also means that WP7 will now be scrapped. Furthermore, if you own a Continue Reading →

Mango Skin Pack: Make Windows 7 Look Like Windows Phone 7 Mango

We have previously covered a number of Windows 7 transformation packs by Hamed such as the Mac OS X Skin Pack,Windows 8 Skin Pack, iOS Skin Pack and Android Skin Pack. Now, he has released anothery stylish transformation pack known as the Mango Skin Pack. This transformation pack is designed to transform your Windows 7 desktop into a WP7 style user interface.

Omnimo Brings Windows Phone 7 & Windows 8 Start Menu to Windows 7/Vista/XP

Rainmeter is a desktop customization software which adds many useful widgets to your desktop with many feature rich skins. Omnimo is a Rainmeter skin which bring the Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 style start menu toWindows 7, Vista and XP . Like all Rainmeter skins it is highly customizable and has many useful features like widgets for weather, Gmail, PayPal, application launchers and much more.

How To Install Windows Phone 7 On HTC HD2 And MAGLDR 1.12 To NAND

Ever wanted to install Windows Phone 7 on your HTC HD2 phone? Below is a video guide that shows you how to install Windows Phone 7 on your HTC HD2 device. The below video is meant to walk you through the entire process, which involves a might of careful tweaking of your phone. This video is courtesy 96edwy. For more information, see his YouTube page (link given at the bottom Continue Reading →

Get Windows Phone 7 Style Music Player For Android By LauncherPro Developer

Federico Carnales the developer of LauncherPro is working on WP7 music app for Android devices. He released an alpha preview of his Zune Music Player clone yesterday on his Twitter account, mentioning that it was yet to be given a name. This Android ‘Metro Player’ does not, support Zune and is identical to Windows Phone 7 native music player. You can get the alpha preview from the link at the Continue Reading →