Instantly Share Any Image To Facebook From Chrome Right Click Menu

Every day we log into Facebook, we find and read interesting news, stories, articles and pictures that are shared with us by our friends. Although articles and status updates are shared with a single click, the same can’t be said about the pictures that we find from various online sources. This is exactly the reason why a third-party developer has come up with a cool extension, known as “Upload Photos Continue Reading →

Create And Play YouTube Playlists Without Leaving The Current Video With YouTube ListPlayer

Ever wanted to create and play playlists in YouTube without having to leave the current page? YouTube™ ListPlayer for Chrome is just what you need. This Chrome extension enables users to create and play YouTube playlists from a menu next to the address bar, which makes it possible to search for videos according to a single or multiple keywords, create and save playlists, as well as explore your YouTube search Continue Reading →

Locate Required Information From Webpages Easily With Browseye

Browseye is an extension for Firefox, Chrome And Safari that helps quickly locate relevant data from webpages by hiding irrelevant content. Browseye is basically an extended version of the CTRL+F command with more convenient options to identify relevant information from within a webpage by highlighting paragraphs and chunks of text that contain the defined content.

Block website Ads With Simple Adblock Extension For Internet Explorer


Ad Block has been a famous extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, for blocking unwanted adds on websites. Since long Internet Explorer users have longed for a version of this extension, which was made available a few months back by the name of Simple Adblock. Although this extension was launched last year, however, it has now become more easy to use and has been enhanced to provide some great features Continue Reading →

Block Ads, Trackers, Bugs & Web Beacons With Block In Chrome

Chrome Block is a Google Chrome extension that blocks web beacons, ads, trackers, bugs, and other tracking technologies that advertisement companies use to track your browsing preferences online. This extension identifies such unwanted sources on each page that you visit and allows you to block advertisements and different kinds of trackers. This extension can be handy for privacy conscious users who do not wish to be endlessly tracked by advertisement Continue Reading →

Manage All Google Plus Options In A Single Menu With Google+ Manager

Google+ Manager is a Mozilla Firefox extension which allows managing Google Plus options from a single drop down menu, adds extra features and provides hotkey support to perform regular functions. once this extension is installed, it displays a new button which acts as a drop down menu which contains all existing and additional options for Google Plus. Continue Reading →

Sync Messages Between Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter [Publish Sync]

Ever since Google+ was introduced, I have been looking for browser extensions which may help me sync my shared web links and messages with other online accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Publish sync for google+ & facebook is a Chrome extension which syncs your messages between Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. It supports article, video, pictures and web links. It adds an extra option below your usual sharing options Continue Reading →

10 Best YouTube Enhancing Extensions For Google Chrome

YouTube extensions can be a fun way of enhancing the functionality of YouTube. In this post I will provide you with an overview of the 10 best YouTube extensions which can help you enhance your video streaming experience. The following extensions include everything from YouTube Video Downloaders, to video customizing extensions.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 5 For Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10 & 10.04

Mozilla Thunderbird is now the default email client for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Ocelot. This has increased its importance for Ubuntu users. Recently Mozilla Thunderbird 5 has been released with new features and a PPA for Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04 users. You can install Mozilla Thunderbird 5 from the below Terminal commands.

Remove MegaVideo, MegaUpload, Veoh Restriction In Chrome & Firefox With illimitux

The Illimitux extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome removesvideo streaming limitations imposed by some streaming platforms like MegaVideo, MegaUpload and Veoh. When Illimitux detects a compatible site, a message appears and offer to disable limitations. These include the 72 minute video restrictions on MegaVideo, automatically fill of MegaUpload’s captcha code and the ability to play videos longer than 5 minutes on Veoh- without installing Veoh TV- and many other things.