50 Handy Applications For Ubuntu & Other Linux Operating Systems

Over the past few months I have covered a number of handy Ubuntu applications that many users might not be aware of. I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of these useful applications for my readers. While I have tried to avoid very common applications like GIMP, ShotWell, TweetDeck, Pidgin, etc, some of you may or may not find the below applications common. I have Continue Reading →

Emulate And Run iPad Apps On Windows, Mac OS X & Linux With iPadian

iPadian is a free software for running iPad applications on Windows. This Adobe Air based application provides a custom app store and comes with some pre-installed iPad apps. iPadian can be run in full screen mode, as well as like a normal maximized application, (such as with the taskbar visible in a Windows OS). The pre-installed applications which come with iPadian, enable quick access to music, videos, Social Chat, Facebook Continue Reading →

Get VinnPlayer,Fast And Portable YouTube Client For Windows And Mac

VinnPlayer is a portable desktop client for YouTube which provides the utility to create and save playlists. VinnPlayer let’s you add and shuffle YouTube videos easily and allows avoiding the trouble of accidentally closing the browser when a YouTube video or track is running (as it can be minimized to the system tray). VinnPlayer has versions available for both Windows and Mac.

Get Live BBC Radio And TV Channels In Ubuntu With BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is an Adobe Air based Desktop software which allows downloading your favorite BBC programs without being connected to the Internet. Just head over to the BBC iPlayer website and click install to install this free software. You will have to install Adobe Air (if not already installed) to use this software, so make sure that it is installed on your computer. Click on Install from the iPlayer website Continue Reading →

desktube – Free YouTube Desktop App for Windows, Linux, Mac And Meego

desktube Lite is an Adobe Air based YouTube desktop application. It has versions for Windows, Linux, Mac and Meego, with apps coming soon for both Android and iOS. You do not require logging in to search and view YouTube videos. However, you can optionally login with your YouTube account for posting comments, creating playlists and sharing YouTube videos.

Best Free Software For Taking Screenshots

There are many free software that provide excellent screenshots which can be utilized by authors, for creating presentations, capturing content for analysis, grabbing restricted images from the internet and so on. Some people who are unaware of the free alternative apps , resort to paid ones. So here is a list of some of the best screenshot taking applications.