Some Tips To Stay Safe With Your Internet Usage

In this 21st Century internet scenario, it is not only important but also mission-critical to make internet usage as safe as you possibly can, considering the phenomenal amount of phishing, id thefts, fiscal frauds and malware promoters floating around the internet, waiting to trap unwary and naïve users.

Spotflux: Hotspot Shield Alternative That Removes Ads And Trackers

Spotflux is a software for desktop and mobile devices which removes ads, trackers and malware from attacking your device. Spotflux encrypts your internet traffic and performs cloud-based calculations to protect your mobile device or desktop/laptop computer from digital harm. Furthermore, it also acts as a VPN Service and you can also use Spotflux to access location restricted websites. In other words you can not only use this application for protecting Continue Reading →

How To Use Windows Defender Offline Tool [Guide]

Windows Defender Offline

Sometimes malware and potentially harmful software, such as rootkits, try to install themselves on your PC. This often happens when one connects to the Internet or upon accessing a CD, DVD, USB or other media device. Once your PC gets infected, it can not only become impossible to remove the virus using the existing anti-virus software, but can also make i nearly impossible to boot from the installed operating system. Continue Reading →

Prevent Programs For Altering Windows Startup Without Your Permission

StartupEye is a lightweight free software which works from the system tray to monitor programs which may attempt to modify the system startup settings without your permission. It instantly warns you if a program tries to write a registry entry to start with Windows startup without your permission. Furthermore, it enables scanning the software with VirusTotal so that you can verify if the program is not a virus, spyware or Continue Reading →

Scan Any Software Or Website For Viruses With VirusTotal Web Service

Many software can have a Virus, Trojan, Spyware and the like which can end up causing damage to your computer and stealing your personal information to send it over to the developer of the malware. Key loggers for instance are often embedded in so called free software. A key logger records your keyboard strokes which can then be sent over to the malware creator secretly via the internet so that Continue Reading →

Protect Windows PC From External USB Device Threats With Antirun

Although auto run for USB devices is disabled by default in Windows 7, however, many viruses and malware can infect your PC when you plug in a device such as a pen drive, Android, iPhone, etc. Antirun is a free software which has been designed to protect your PC from threats which may occur from removable media devices such as External hard drives, digital cameras, smart phones and the like. Continue Reading →

Remove Virus, & Other Infections Which Anti-Virus Cant Detect, CaSIR

Even the best anti virus programs often miss a virus or some other malware agent during detection. This can lead to data loss, and the theft of your personal information such as credit card or social security number. These malicious programs often have the capability to disable your computer or your anti-virus programs. Solution: CaSIR is a free software which can help you avoid such problems. It automatically removes stubborn Continue Reading →

Scan Software For Viruses Before Installing It – VirScan Web Service is a free online scanning web service, which checks uploaded files for malware, using many famous antivirus engines such as Kaspersky, AVG, Avast, Bit Defender, Viper, Comodo, F-Secure, and many more. Just upload any file and the website will cross check its files from several reliable anti-virus services and give you a result to help determine if the software has viruses or phishing software which may steal your credit Continue Reading →

Scan Websites For Virus, Errors, Malicious Scripts, etc, Website Security Monitor

It can be hard to identify if your website has been affected by malware or some phishing script. To identify such issues or to scan your website for malicious agents,  you can use Website Security Monitor. It checks selected websites for unauthorized or malicious links, scripts, ads and inappropriate content. It also provides information regarding website accessibility, performance, web server, database integrity, number of external and internal links, web server Continue Reading →

ESET Mobile Security For Android Is A Free Anti Virus, Spam Blocker, Task Manager & Much More

ESET Mobile Security is a complete security suite for Android devices.  It protects your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats and acts as an anti-virus, anti-spyware, access scanner, SMS and MMS spam blocker and contains remote control support via SMS commands from an authorized phone number, security audit, built-in task manager, automatic and manual security database updates, as well as password protection features. ESET’s proactive heuristics technology thoroughly scans Continue Reading →