Radio Tray: System Tray Internet Radio Player For Ubuntu

Radio Tray is system tray based internet radio player for Linux. Other than providing a smooth playback experience and the utility to tune into to a large number of radio channels from around the world, Radio Tray also provides a minimalist interface. Radio Tray works from the app-indicator menu and supports bookmarks, , WAX, PLS, M3U, ASX and WVX playlists. Furthermore, it can play a number of media formats based Continue Reading →

Easily Mount Disc Images In Ubuntu Linux With Mounty

Mounting a virtual disc image  by using a virtual drive can help explore the content of the disc image, without having to burn it (e.g. ISO file) to a CD or DVD disc. This way, one can avoid wasting optical discs and also prolong the life of the optical drive, as running CDs or DVDs excessively can reduce the life of an optical (CD/DVD) drive. For those of you who Continue Reading →

Access Places Menu From Gnome Panel In Unity With Indicator Places


One of the biggest annoyance of Ubuntu users in recent times has been the emphasis of Canonical on imposing the Unity desktop on its users. For this reason users are switching to the Gnome 3 shell and also installing alternative desktops like Linux Mint 12. While one can easily get the classic start menu by installing the Gnome Shell or Classic Menu Indicator, some may prefer merely acquiring access to Continue Reading →

Empty Trash Bin From System Tray In Ubuntu & Debian With Trash Indicator


I often forget to empty my Trash bin. Perhaps because it is located in the least interactive area of the desktop. This includes both the dull Unity launcher Trash icon and the classic menu grey Trash Bin at the bottom right corner. A better alternative can be to empty trash from the App indicator menu (system tray), as it is a more interactive part of the desktop which contains App Continue Reading →

Update Manager Indicator, App Indicator For Ubuntu Update Manager

Updating Ubuntu can be a bit confusing at times, due lack of knowledge regarding the large number of packages that become available with each update. Many users simply update all packages when the default update manager pops-up. This often results in the installation of many unwanted packages, which consume a lot of hard disk space. Update Manager Indicator is a app-indicator applet, which helps you to manage all your Ubuntu Continue Reading →

Ubuntu One Indicator: Manage Ubuntu One Synchronization From System Tray

Ubuntu One is a famous cloud storage service which comes pre-installed with Ubuntu. Despite being an excellent synchronization service, it is unable to match Dropbox due to lack of a few features. One of these features include the absence of an app-indicator menu applet. For this reason, one requires using third-party applications like Magicicada to view real time synchronization stats. Ubuntu One Indicator is an app-indicator applet which displays Ubuntu Continue Reading →

Mange Ubuntu Battery Power, Wi-Fi, Video & Bluetooth From System Tray With Jupiter

Jupiter is a system tray applet for controlling battery power and hardware options for laptops and netbooks running Linux. Jupiter has been designed to be a comprehensive applet for quickly toggling settings for screen output, battery power, screen resolution, Wi-Fi , and Bluetooth. Its has packages for Ubuntu, Fedora, Fubuntu and other Linux distributions.

Automatically Disable Touchpad When Mouse Plugs In Ubuntu [Touchpad-indicator]

Touchpad-indicator is an Ubuntu app-indicator applet for which displays the current status of your touchpad and allows automatically and manually disabling it. The best part about this applet is that it can be used to automatically disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged in and to re-enable it when the mouse is plugged out. This can be helpful for gamers who may only use the mouse for playing games Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Tips Applet Displays Ubuntu Server Tips In Bubble Messages

Ubuntu Tips Applet is a system tray applet which shows useful Ubuntu Server tips in bubble messages. Since the Ubuntu Server is still being explored by network and system administrators to replace paid alternatives, therefore, this application can be useful for admins to get useful tips for it. You can either choose to view tips manually from Show one tip option or set a refresh time for scheduling tips pop-up Continue Reading →