Get Windows Phone 8 Style Launcher For Android With Launcher8

Launcher8 is a free app for Android devices which provides a Windows Phone 8 tiled interface, which is the hallmark of the latest Windows based operating systems, including Windows 8. Launcher8 gives Android devices a Metro UI style lockscreen and launcher to give your Android phone the WP8 look.

AppsBar Displays Recently Closed Mac Apps Above The Menu Bar

If you are looking for a Mac OS X application launcher for quickly accessing recently closed apps, then try AppsBar.  Unlike the common apps that can be launched from the Menu Bar or Dock, AppsBar positions itself on top of the screen and lets your desktop slide down to reveal recently closed apps. Closed apps are automatically added to the bar and can be launched with ease.

Aero QLaunch Is A Stylish 3D Quick Launch Toolbar For Windows 7

Aero QLaunch is a stylish 3D quick launch toolbar for Windows 7 and Windows 8, which displays all programs housed within the quick launch folder, in the form of 3D bubbles, upon mouse hover. What makes it different from other default Windows toolbars, is its unique bubble icons, which are displayed with a mouse hover over the icon of Aero QLaunch  (located next to the system tray).

Get Gnome Pie, The Stylish Visual Application Launcher For Ubuntu

There are a number of application launchers that have gained popularity among Ubuntu users. The most significant among them are  Synapse and Gnome Do. Recently, a hotkey based application launcher for the Gnome desktop was released, which seems to be a potential alternative to the aforementioned apps. Gnome Pie is a skinable application launcher with a glossy user interface. It has been inspired from the Opie Radial add-on for World Continue Reading →

Get 8start Launcher, A Stylish Shortcut Launcher And Countdown Timer

8start Launcher provides a simple mechanism to achieve a clutter free desktop. It acts as a shortcut launcher which can be used to add program, file and folder shortcuts. You can place your important shortcuts on 8start Launcher and avoid piling up too many desktop shortcuts. It provides the option to add separate categories which makes it easy to house shortcuts in convenient sections.

Get Mac Style Application Launching Dock For Windows 7 With RocketDock

RocketDock is a smoothly animated,  application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to create shortcuts for easy access and organization. The items are completely customizable with added Taskbar support. You can place the dock at the top, bottom left or right side of the desktop and add or remove items at your convenience. RocketDock comes with Aero Glass look which makes it quite elegant.

Get Mac OS X Lion And iPad Style Launchpad In Windows 7 – iPad Launcher For Win7

If you are an iPad or Mac OS X Lion user and want an iPad style Launchpad for your Windows 7 PC, then check out iPad Launcher For Win7. It is an iPad style launcher which allows quickly launching applications.  It also comes with an elegant lock screen feature to lock your screen with a password, which allows you to lock your desktop without having to log off. You can add Continue Reading →

Synapse Is An Alternative To Gnome Do With Zeitgeist Integration

Synapse is an application and file launcher like Gnome Do and Kupfer. Synpase automatically detects applications, documents, website URLs, videos, images, etc which can be launched by typing the initials of the file name within Synapse. It comes with many plugins and gets integrated with Zeitgeist which makes it quite reliable, as the Zeitgeist service is pre-installed in Ubuntu and logs all your activity such as files accessed, visited websites, Continue Reading →