Clementine: Spotify, Grooveshark And Supported Audio Player


Clementine is a cross-platform music player for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based operating systems. The most unique feature of this audio player is that it provides support for Spotify, Grooveshark, as well as and radio stations. Furthermore, it comes with a global search feature that allows searching for internet radio and music. You can also fetch album art cover from a number of available sources such Continue Reading →

Get Audacious, Lightweight Audio Player For Ubuntu & Other Linux OS

There are a number of audio and multimedia players for Linux such as Banshee and VLC. However, if you are looking for a lightweight alternative for such players, then try Audacious. It is an open source Linux player for the Gnome desktop environment. Audacious has been designed to provide smooth audio playback and decoding correctness. It consumes less memory (approximately 7.3 MB of RAM) and system resources which makes it Continue Reading →

Open Picture, Video, Audio, Ms Office, File Types With Open Freely

Open Freely is a free software which can open 100 different kinds of file types including document, picture, audio, video and compressed file types. Once you have installed Open Freely, you will no longer require installing multiple programs like MS Office, a media player, PDF reader, etc as Open Freely can open all kinds of file types. The supported file types include the following: Image Files ARW, CF2, CR2, CRW, Continue Reading →

Get StandAlone Gadgets Pack, Stylish Gadgets For Windows 7/Vista/XP

StandAlone Gadgets Pack is a Windows  gadget pack for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP which contains a large number of stylish and useful widgets for your desktop. The available gadgets provide weather updates, network bandwidth usage stats, audio player, Gmail mail count, battery power, library shortcuts, Google News updates, date and time display, etc.

BeatBox – Ubuntu Music Player With Smart Playlist Editor, Album Art

BeatBox is a simple, and elegant music player for Ubuntu Linux, with album art and smart playlist support. It allows creating playlists with detailed information regarding the audio track. You can also add album art by simply dragging and dropping images onto BeatBox. Drag and drop functionality also enables adding songs to be played. BeatBox volume options can be easily configured from next to the Banshee volume settings in the Continue Reading →

Aero Media Player, A Media Player With Windows 7 Aero Glass Interface

Aero Media Player is portable and fully transparent media player by the ASK VG team member Sukmaar Neo. This Windows 7 and Vista based media player has an Aero Glass interface like Mirro Player, with task bar button support for performing stop , pause ,play and volume control functions. It has an outer glow like Windows Media Player 12 and also resembles the WMP user interface.

Get Mirro, The Audio Player With Transparent Aero Glass Interface

Mirro Player is a transparent audio player with the Windows 7 Aero Glass look. It has an Aero style see through interface which completely merges with the existing wallpaper. It supports many file formats such as WAV, Mp4, Mp3, WMV, and MOV and many more. It’s auto playlist feature, saves your playback list and repeats it in a loop. This audio player has been developed by dncube from the Ask Continue Reading →