How To Disable Unity Launcher Auto Hide In Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

Just like previous Ubuntu versions, the Unity Launcher auto hides by default in Ubuntu 11.10. This feature was easily customizable in Ubuntu 11.04 by using  Unity 2D-Desktop Settings tweak, but unfortunately, it does not work in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot. In this post I will provide you with an easy mechanism to disable and re-enable the auto hide feature for Unity Launcher in Ubuntu 11.10.

How To Auto Hide, Remove Or Restore Windows 7 Command Bar

Windows Explorer Command Bar provides access to many handy utilities such as the Windows default DVD burner, Folder and Search options (via Organize), New Folder creation shortcut, etc. However, there is no option in Windows to auto hide or remove the command bar to get more viewing space (unlike the taskbar). Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker is a portable application which can auto-hide or completely remove the Windows Explorer Command Continue Reading →

Fully Customize Ubuntu Unity Settings With Confity

Lately, I have reviewed a lot of Unity customization applications. These include, Unity Plugin and Unity Launcher Editor. Confity is an Ubuntu application which combines the features of Unity Plugin and Unity Launcher Editor. It allows easily changing and fully customizing Unity settings such as icon size, device view, launch animation, etc within a simple GUI interface. You can grab Confity from the download link at the end of this Continue Reading →