Get Portable Dropbox Which Runs Multiple Dropbox Accounts At Once

DropboxPortableAHK provides a portable version of Dropbox application and also allows running it from a USB stick. The main features of DropboxPortableAHK are as follows: It makes Dropbox fully portable, therefore, you do not have to install it on every PC you use, just copy the entire directory and start the application You can put your Dropbox on your USB-Stick and have it with you all the time You can Continue Reading →

Manage Amazons3, Nirvanix And Timeline Cloud Files With Cloud Turtle

Cloud Turtle is a desktop client for Amazon S3, Nirvanix and Timeline Cloud services, which allows you to download, upload, delete and overall manage your accounts from the aforementioned cloud storage services. It’s main features include: Cloud Turtle can multi-task operations such as upload, download and delete. Multi-threaded download and upload (Super Fast) Cloud Turtle can pause and resume upload and download Cloud Turtle can be set to auto retry Continue Reading →

Control & Sync Files With Amazon S3 Account From Desktop With DragonDisk Free

DragonDisk is a free cross platform Amazon S3client, which allows managing your S3 account from your desktop.  It acts like a network drive and provides the utility to upload and download files, set permissions, synchronize folders with local drives and your S3 account, generate HTTP or Torrent URLs,  and save your cloud data to a local drive. DragonDisk has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems.

Sync Notes With Your PC, Android, iPhone, iPad & Linux With is a note taking application for Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad which allows synchronizing notes between your computer, online account and mobile device. It allows settings tags, dates with notes, with options to schedule important notes. All notes are synced with your multiple devices via your account.

Store And Stream Your Music On The Cloud With Mougg

Mougg is a web service that allows storing and streaming music files from the Mougg website. To get started, you would require signing up for an account. After that, you can easily upload, stream, organize and label your music with up to 1GB of free space which is good enough to store more than 200 Mp3 files. This makes saved music files (via Mougg) to be accessible with any computer, Continue Reading →

GE.TT & Upload & Share Your Files on Facebook, Twitter & Via Email

Attaching a heavy document via email can be quite a time consuming and frustrating task. GE.TT is a web service that can be used to instantly upload and share files via Facebook,Twitter and an email address, with the help of a URL generated for the uploaded content. Users can upload data even without signing up with the service, however, signing up provides the option to share content via social Continue Reading →