Free Hard Disk Space By Removing Hidden Clutter From Your Computer

There are many utilities that are thought to be a comprehensive solution for cleaning clutter from numerous Windows directories. One such example is the CCleaner which is widely used for getting rid of junk files. However, many lays users are unaware of the fact that software like the CCleaner are not effective in comprehensively clearing system clutter, as they leave behind junk files from many directories (e.g. the log files Continue Reading →

Remove Empty Folders From Your PC With Empty Folder Remover

Many a times when programs are uninstalled, they leave behind empty folders. These folders fragment the hard disk and reduce system functionality. The disk defragmentation tools merely piles up these folders and does not remove them. This can lead to significant clutter on a system and can lead to less hard disk space available in the primary drive. Empty Folder Remover is a Windows application that gets rid of these Continue Reading →

Fix Disk Errors And Fully Optimize Mac OS X With iBoost UP

iBoostUp is a free Mac OS X application that enables comprehensively optimizing your Mac computer. This easy to use app has been designed to resolve issues that can help you optimize a slow and unresponsive Mac. Moreover, iBoostUp can also help you resolve system crashes and errors. It monitors Mac systems and automatically repairs performance related issues within just a few minutes. You can also perform a number of manual Continue Reading →

Add 500 Additional Cleaning Options To CCleaner With CCEnhancer

A few months back, I reviewed CCEnhancer, which is a portable software that adds additional cleaning options to the famous CCleaner. Previously CCEnhancer was capable of adding up to 270 extra junk file cleaning options to CCleanecr. Recently, it has been updated to add 500 additional cleaning options to CCleaner. Junk files from the extra applications and temporary file directories that can be removed by updating CCleaner (via CCEnhancer) include, Continue Reading →

JetClean Cleans Clutter, Boosts PC Performance & Internet Connection


There are many system  cleanup utilities that are considered to be a comprehensive solution for cleaning clutter from numerous temporary directories. One such example is the widely used CCleaner application. However, many users are unaware of the fact that it in fact fails to remove clutter from many directories (including the log files from the Windows system directory and even the Temp folder (located within user profiles). Furthermore, junk file Continue Reading →

Empty Dropbox Cache To Free Hard Disk Space In Windows, Linux & Mac

Dropbox contains a hidden cache folder which stores deleted files. When you attempt to recover a deleted file this folder is used to restore your files instead of downloading them from the Dropbox server. This might be useful for a lot of people since it saves time and bandwidth to restore files from your local hard drive. However, this might be a problem for people who always find themselves short Continue Reading →

Download CCleaner For Mac To Clean & Optimize Mac OS X

The widely used CCleaner software for Windows is now available for Mac users. It contains all the required system tools for cleaning and optimizing your Mac, including options to remove junk files from Temporary Folder, Recent Documents, Recent Applications, Recent Servers, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and much more.

Add 270 Additional Cleaning Options To CCleaner With CCEnhancer

CCEnhancer is a CCleaner add-on which adds support for 270 additional programs to CCleaner. It uses the WinApp2.ini built in system of CCleaner to add new definitions to the program. These rules are sourced mainly from the Piriform Support Forum,as well as other important sources across the internet. CCEnhancer gathers additional definition files and integrates them with CCleaner to provide more enhanced cleaning of junk files. You can download this Continue Reading →

Clean Junk Files In Windows From Selected System Folders With Aero OneClean

Aero OneClean is a system cleaner which a good  junk cleaning mechanism by allowing you to add specific folders to remove junk files from folders containing clutter. Therefore, you can select all the temporary file directories from  application and system folders, in order to remove clutter.