Make Remote Administration Of Network Computers Easy With Desktop Central


Remote administration has become an important part of daily administration tasks for system and network administrators. Desktop Central is a free Windows tool that makes Windows Administration easier on a day-to-day basis. It has 12 tools, which  provide remote management of systems, wake on LAN options, remote command prompt, GPO (Group Policy) update, hard disk space detection, power monitoring for portable computers on the network (such as laptops), etc.

ColorConsole Opens Command Prompt In Multiple Colorful Tabs

ColorConsole is an application that adds color to the command prompt and allows managing it in multiple tabs. It is available in portable and as an installer package. Being able to open command prompt in many tabs makes it easy to keep track of numerous command lines at work in a compact way. This application provides a number of rich colors and font types to customize the look of the Continue Reading →

How To Unroot Kindle Fire via ADB On Windows, Linux & Mac OS X

I previously brought you the guide which showed the procedure involved in rooting Kindle Fire. But if you want to unroot Kindle Fire,  then here is a guide which will help you do just that. This procedure is brought to you courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member “Zedomax”. This process requires the user to manually enter commands via ADB, but that isn’t as hard as it sounds. This unroot procedure will Continue Reading →

Clear All Printer Queues In One Click With Flush Print Jobs

Sent too many commands to your printer? Is there a huge printer job queue which piles up every now and then and takes forever to manually delete? Use Flush Print Jobs. It is a portable software which clears the printer queue in a single click. This can be useful for system administrators, as well as home users who have to face too many printer job queues due to usage by Continue Reading →

How To Get Rid Of APIPA And Renew IP Address From The DHCP Server

Any disruption in connection with the DHCP (Dynamic Host configuration Protocol) Server with the client computer can result in a failure to acquire an IP address. This results in what is known as APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing). In such a case it is necessary to renew the IP address from the DHCP Server, to make the internet connect work again. In this post I will tell you how to Continue Reading →