Remove Unity Logon Screen Dots, Install XScreenSaver, CCSM, Faenza Icons, Gnome Tweak Tool & More [Script]


Ubuntu 11.10 users who are using the Gnome 3 shell require installing some essential applications to enhance Oneiric functionality. These include CompizConfig Settings Manager, Gnome Tweak Tool and XScreenSaver. Recently, a third-party developer has created an all in one script, known as The Theme Script. This script provides installation of CCSM, the Faenza icons, London Smoke gnome-shell, Gnome Tweak Tool, XScreenSaver, Plastiq RC2 GTK3 theme, as well as a script Continue Reading →

Completely Tweak Unity Settings In Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10 & 12.04 With MyUnity

Ever since the inception of Unity, the most pressing question for users has been its customization. In a few previous posts I reviewed a few application that can tweak Unity settings. These include Confity, Unity Launcher Editor and  Unity Plugin for Compiz Config Settings Manager. MyUnity is a comprehensive Unity tweak, which provides full customization of Unity features, including the Unity Dash, Launcher, Desk, Panel and Font.

How To Reset Unity & Unity Launcher To Default Settings In Ubuntu Linux

Over a period of time Ubuntu Unity settings can get a bit messed up. Thiscan  happen due to frequent changes to Unity Launcher icons and CompizConfig settings. The best way to resolve such issues is to reset Unity. In this post I will tell you how to reset Unity back to its default settings, including the resetting of the Unity Launcher and associated icons.

How To Customize Unity Panel Features & Resize Unity Icons

The willingness of Ubuntu users to customize Unity launcher is leading to many customization tweaks and plugins. Unity icons by default can seem to be a bit larger than for Netbooks and small monitor screens. However,  Ubuntu Unity Plugin can help you customize it’s look to suite your needs. See the below procedure to resize Unity icons and to customize the look of your Unity launcher easily.