How To Enable Or Disable Windows 8 Updates

Due to the Windows 8 Modern UI it can be a bit confusing to perform tasks which were quite simple in Windows 7, such as changing the Windows 8 Automatic Update settings. To do this you will have to switch to the classic Control Panel. In a previous post I showed you “How To Switch To Classic Control Panel In Windows 8”. This time I will show you the process Continue Reading →

Complete Guide To Windows 8 PC Settings [Metro Control Panel]


A lot of regular Windows features have been altered for the Windows 8 Metro UI. While these features can be accessed and viewed in the same manner as users did in Windows 7, the Metro UI has also provided an alternative view for them. Some examples include, Internet Explorer 10  and the Windows Control Panel. While you can access and use the Windows Control Panel in desktop mode, you can Continue Reading →

How To Switch To Classic Control Panel In Windows 8


Windows 8 has come with a lot of annoying features one of which is the issue of finding the classic interface. The Control Panel is no doubt the brain of the Windows operating system as it contains all the essential features. While the Metro Control Panel contains options for the Metro UI based applications, it does not have the rest of the important Windows options. In order to access all Continue Reading →

Fully Customize Windows Right Click Menu With Right Click Enhancer

Right Click Enhancer is a windowstweak which enables fully customizing the Windows right-click context menu with custom shortcuts to files, folders and programs. Moreover, you can also add custom shortcuts to My Computer and the Control Panel according to your liking. Other than adding items to the right-click menu, you can also add system paths (to send files to), encrypt or decrypt documents and  folders. Below are instructions for using Continue Reading →

Get A Secondary Quick Access Taskbar In Windows 7 & Windows Vista

Quick Access Bar is a Windows 7 and Windows Vista Toolbar application, which can be used as a secondary taskbar to add important shortcuts such as Control Panel, system drives, DVD drive, Windows folders, etc .  Hovering your mouse over a system drive also provides an instant displays of the used and available disk space. The startup Orb allows adding and removing items from the toolbar.

How To Backup & Restore Windows 7 & Windows Vista

I used to work with Norton Ghost software to create a system image in Windows XP. But the defaultWindows 7 utility works just as well. Below is the procedure to easily create a backup image for your Windows Vista and Windows 7. Once an image is created, you can use it to restore your system state to be exactly like it was when you backed up your system. I normally Continue Reading →

Add Control Items In Windows 7 Right Click Context Menu With W7

W7 Context Menu Tool is a portable application which allows adding Control Panel and other useful items to the Windows 7 right-click context menu. It is extremely simple to use and provides a great utility of integrating useful windows features to the right-click menu. It has vaster options than the formerly reviewed PowerMenu.  Just run the Win7 Context Menu Tool.exe file and choose the features than you wish to add Continue Reading →

Instantly Launch Windows Utilities With Windows Utilities Launcher

Many of the Windows Utilities like Device Manager, Performance Monitor, Windows Services, etc are accessed by a laborious process. One can feel a bit edgy when having to go through Control Panel and various context menu /Start menu options for accessing Windows Utilities. For example, One might have to access  Disk management from My Computer –> Manage (via right-click context menu) –> Storage –> Disk Management. Windows Utilities Launcher is Continue Reading →