How To Integrate Skype To Ubuntu 11.10 Messaging Menu [Skype Wrapper]

Despite the fact that Ubuntu 11.10 uses an app-indicator for displaying Skype menu from the system tray, it does not provide native integration with the Ubuntu messaging menu. Some users find it convenient to have such menus integrated with the messing menu, as anything from Gwibber to Mozilla Thunderbird comes integrated with the Ubuntu messaging menu. Despite no native support for such integration, Skype can be added to the Oneiric Continue Reading →

How To Convert Rpm File Packages To Deb Files In Ubuntu Linux


Anyone who has ever used Ubuntu or Debian knows how easy it is to use the Software Center instead of having to remember convoluted command lines to install a software from the Terminal. Deb packages provide the convenience of installing applications via the Software Center. This is quite convenient as double clicking a Deb file opens it in the GUI based Software Center and allows installing it in a single Continue Reading →

How To Change Logon Screen Background In Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot With Simple LightDM Manager

In a previous guide I explained How to Change Ubuntu Logon Screen Background Image (for Ubuntu 11.04 and previous versions). In Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot GDM (Gnome Display Manager) has been replaced with LightDM. Keeping this in view, a third party developer has created a logon screen changer known as Simple LightDM Manager. This application provides a GUI (Graphical user Interface) for changing the Ubuntu 11.10 logon screen background image Continue Reading →

Mange Ubuntu Battery Power, Wi-Fi, Video & Bluetooth From System Tray With Jupiter

Jupiter is a system tray applet for controlling battery power and hardware options for laptops and netbooks running Linux. Jupiter has been designed to be a comprehensive applet for quickly toggling settings for screen output, battery power, screen resolution, Wi-Fi , and Bluetooth. Its has packages for Ubuntu, Fedora, Fubuntu and other Linux distributions.

How To Automatically Fix Ubuntu Failed Packages

Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix is an Ubuntu script which can be used to fix failed packages automatically. This script fixes Ubuntu package errors which occur during software installation. Whenever installation errors occur, users either resort to forcibly quitting the installation, leave the package unrepaired or try to manually fix it. “Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix” aims at getting rid of this problem by providing means to automate the process Continue Reading →

Monitor RAM, Network, Hard Drive, CPU Usage In Ubuntu & Debian, SysPeek

SysPeek is a system monitoring application which enables viewing information about CPU, memory, disk utilization, as well as network traffic from the Ubuntu system tray. This app indicator applet displays a CPU indicator on the system tray which turns blood red when the CPU usage is 100%. This can be helpful in identifying resource intensive software and to check if your system is being hanged due to excessive CPU utilization.

How To Update To VLC 1.1.10, Pidgin2.8, Filezilla, etc In Ubuntu

PPA for many new packages is often not updated shortly after their release which makes it hard to update existing installations. If you would like to update VLC to 1.1.10 or Pidgin to 2.8.0 in Ubuntu Linux, then see the below details regarding the recently provided Get Deb package. This package will allow you to update your existing installations of VLC, Pidgin, FIlezilla, Unetbootin and others. Information regarding this update Continue Reading →

How To Encrypt Dropbox Files In Ubuntu & Other Linux Versions, ENCFS

ENCFS is an open source software which delivers an encrypted file system in a user space. It does not require any special permissions and uses the FUSE library and Linux kernel to provide a file system interface. ENCFS can also be used to encrypt Dropbox files in Ubuntu and other version of Linux. This might be particularly useful as Dropbox does not encrypt files on its own. In this post Continue Reading →