Watch Free TV And Stream Internet Radio Stations – Earth Media Center


You can watch free TVprograms and listen to Radio Streams from your Windows desktop with Earth Media Center. It is somewhat similar to Readon which also allows watching free TV streams from yourdesktop. It includes the option to sort TV Channel Streams by country and Genre to find the appropriate channel such as MGM, BBC, Bloomberg and many more. The channels are from hundreds of countries and several categories. You Continue Reading →

How To Access Windows 8 Start Screen And Apps From Classic Desktop

Start Charming is a free Windows 8 app which makes it possible to access the Windows 8 Start Screen and apps right from your desktop. While there are many apps that can help you get the classic start menu in Windows 8 such as Pokki, ViStart and StartMenu8, Start Charming makes it possible to adapt to the Metro UI by “Taming it”.

Run Windows 8 Modern Apps On Classic Desktop With ModernMix

Do you love an app you found on the Windows Store but wish to run it on the classic desktop? Try ModernMix. It is a Windows 8 application by Stardock which enables users to switch your full-screen Metro apps (Modern apps) in windowed mode. In other words, you can run your Metro apps on the classic Windows desktop. This can help you avoid switching between the Windows 8 Metro UI Continue Reading →

Skip Windows 8 Metro Start Screen To See Classic Desktop At Startup

Ever since the introduction of the Windows 8 Metro UI and the Metro Start Screen many people have been willing to find ways to either turn off some or all Metro features or to bypass them. Since many users are more acquainted with the Classic Windows Desktop, for this reason they wish to avoid the Metro Start Screen when Windows 8 starts. Fortunately, a third-party developer “JoeX” has developed an Continue Reading →

How To Show My Computer And Other Desktop Icons In Windows 8


Windows 8 seems to be more of a tablet oriented operating system which is bound to irritate many Windows users. One of the first issue that one gets entangled in after the installation of Windows 8 is the switch between the Metro UI and the Classic Desktop. Once you have that figured out, there comes the question of how to customize the classic desktop and to find other options. One Continue Reading →

Get Turpial, Compact Twitter Client For Ubuntu & Other Linux OS


Turpial is a micro blogging, desktop client for Twitter. It integrates with your  Linux desktop to provide notifications for new tweets by making use of NotifyOSD (bubble messages). Turpial provides easy options for using all required Twitter features including managing your tweets, replying to messages and tweets, adding tweets to favorites, uploading images, etc. You can choose from a range of available URL shortening and image uploading service supported by Continue Reading →

PlexyDesk, Add Beautiful Widgets To Desktop In Windows, Mac And Linux

PlexyDesk is a widget based  desktop extension for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Using this feature rich application, you can render your desktop workspace with a number of handy tools for organizing it in a better and more stylish way. The available widgets include a clock, photo frame and file manager/browser, which are all placed over a user selected wallpaper background. This background can be removed when PlexyDesk is Continue Reading →

Get Instant Google Plus Desktop Notifications With Google+ Notifier

G+ Notifier is a desktop notification client for Google Plus. It displays all notifications in the form of pop-up messages and in list view, from your system tray. Some of its main features include: Periodic checks for new notifications in Google+ A Display of unread messages in the form of a notification icon Windows balloon notifications or Snarl popups when new notifications are detected A Popup notifications window for quick Continue Reading →

Recover Lost Browser Passwords & Fix Windows Issues With NirLauncher


Nirsoft website has showcased a number of useful applications for recovering password, fixing PC and network issues, etc. All of these software are provided free of cost and have been developed by a developer named Nir Sofer. Nirsoft suite, known as NirLauncher is a lightweight application suite which contains several useful software for resolving a number of system issues. The entire suite is only 10MB in size and all software Continue Reading →

DesktopCal Is Free Desktop Calendar With Sticky Notes Functionality

DesktopCal is a free desktop calendar which lets you add shortcuts, sticky notes and files or folders on calendar dates being displayed on the desktop.This helps to remember important tasks conveniently. DesktopCal can use your current wallpaper as its background or loop through images from a specified folder for changing desktop background periodically. By default, it takes less than half of your desktop space which makes it easy to view Continue Reading →