Add Windows 7 Start Menu In Windows 8 With StartMenu8


After the exclusion of the start menu in Windows 8, many users have been left stranded by Microsoft to deal with the elusive Charms bar. In fact, if you are new to Windows 8 you might not even know that the Charms bar exists as it is displayed when you hover your mouse to the bottom right corner of the desktop. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible for a new Windows Continue Reading →

How To Get Back Classic Start Menu In Windows 8

For some odd reason Windows 8 does not come with a Start Orb. This means that users are stranded with the Metro UI, which many have found quite annoying to use on a desktop computer. If you want to avoid the Windows 8 Metro UI, and get back the good old start orb, then you need ViStart. Originally developed for Windows 7 , this application brings back the Windows 7 Continue Reading →

Tweak Windows 8 To Enable/Disable Features With Metro UI Tweaker

Metro UI Tweaker is a portable software which allows tweaking Windows 8 to turn its features on and off. Metro UI Tweaker can perform the following tasks: Disable Metro UI Start Menu and replace it with the Windows 7 Style classic start menu Disable Windows Explorer Ribbon. Disable Metro Start Menu and Explorer Ribbon. Enable any of the disabled options. Display Lock Screen, Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, Sleep and Switch Continue Reading →

Switch Between Windows 8 Start Menu Style Without Restarting PC

Since the release of Windows 8, many users have been willing to switch from or to disable Windows 8 Metro UI to get back to the Windows 7 Style Classic Start Menu. I previously reviewed to application which performed this task i.e. Metro Controller and Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle. But using these applications mean that you need to restart your PC each time, to change Start Menu Styles. Here Continue Reading →

How To Partially Or Completely Disable Windows 8 Metro UI

Post Update: This tool was designed for the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview and does not work with newer versions. You can use these alternative tools instead, which are working fine with the latest version of Windows 8. ViStart: StartMenu8: Metro Controller is a portable software which allows to partially or completely disabling the Metro UI. This might be useful for users who may not wish to use the Continue Reading →

Switch Between Windows 8 Metro UI & Classic Start Menu In One Click

Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle is a free software which allows you to toggle between the Metro Start screen and the Classic start menu in Windows 8 Developer Preview. Users who may find the half baked Metro UI annoying might find this portable application useful. It also makes Start menu switching tasks easy which I’m sure many users will appreciate since Windows 8 is still in its raw form. Using Continue Reading →