AppsBar Displays Recently Closed Mac Apps Above The Menu Bar

If you are looking for a Mac OS X application launcher for quickly accessing recently closed apps, then try AppsBar.  Unlike the common apps that can be launched from the Menu Bar or Dock, AppsBar positions itself on top of the screen and lets your desktop slide down to reveal recently closed apps. Closed apps are automatically added to the bar and can be launched with ease.

Quickly Access Mac OS X Applications From Dock And Menu Bar, App Bar

App Bar is a Mac OS X application, which operates from both the system dock and Mac menu bar. This makes it easy to access applications from a menu bar or system dock via a comprehensive quick list. The concept behind App Bar is to provide the quickest way possible to find and open any application launched from your Status Bar or Mac Dock.

Fully Customize Mac OS X Lion And Leopard Dock With Docker

Docker is a free Mac OS X application which lets you fully customize your dock by accessing hidden dock settings and allows to choose a larger range of dock sizes, extra animation options and much more. Unlike other dock tweaking tools, Docker caters to almost everything related with the dock which includes Dock Style, Icons, Indicator Style, 2D and 3D Dock Style, docked application separator, magnified size of items in Continue Reading →

Toggle Mac OS X Lion Features On & Off With Lion Tweaks

The latestMac OS X 10.7 has brought many stylish features on the footing of iPad. Despite the new and improved features, one may be interested in toggling some features on and off periodically, such as window options and animations. Lion Tweaks is a Mac Lion tweaking application which can quickly turn off numerous exclusive Mac features  All you need to do is to click on Yes or No for those Continue Reading →

Get Mac Style Application Launching Dock For Windows 7 With RocketDock

RocketDock is a smoothly animated,  application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to create shortcuts for easy access and organization. The items are completely customizable with added Taskbar support. You can place the dock at the top, bottom left or right side of the desktop and add or remove items at your convenience. RocketDock comes with Aero Glass look which makes it quite elegant.

DockBarX Is A Fully Customizable Dock For Ubuntu & Other Linux Versions

DockBarX is a fully customizable standalone dock application for Ubuntu & other Linux based operating systems. It has options which allow completely transforming its look according to user specifications. The options are so specific that they are much more advanced than Cairo Dock. The below screenshot is an example of how I was able to customize DockBarX to give it the Windows style Aero glass look.

Cardapio Ubuntu Classic Menu Style Launcher For Ubuntu & Debian

Cardapio is a Ubuntu & Debian main menu launcher which can be used with the Unity Launcher . Other than looking like a horizontal classic menu, it also provides search functionality for files and folders like the Unity Dash., provided Tracker application is installed. Cardapio can be a good  alternative to Unity Launcher features as it is more convenient to use. It can also be used as an applet and Continue Reading →

Get The Stylish Ubuntu Pre-Unity Netbook Launcher Edition 2D

Recently the Pre-Unity Launcher has re-emerged with stylish dual pane interface. You can download and install the DEB package (thanks to Martin Owens) for Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 Natty Narwhal. It has quite a stylish interface and can be a good inclusion to to your Ubuntu desktop. One more advantage of using this pre-Unity interface is it’s ability to run on systems which are incompatible with Unity. It is also Continue Reading →

Get Cairo Dock (GLX Dock) A Mac Style Dock For Ubuntu & Debian Linux

Unity has no doubt added style to the Ubuntu desktop, however, it has also made it slower, particularly for legacy hardware users. A more lightweight alternative can be to use the Mac Style Cairo Dock (aka GLX Dock). It is fully compatible with the  Ubuntu 11.04 and Ubuntu 10.10. I found it much quicker and lightweight than the Unity launcher. And most of all, it’s fun to use. Interestingly, you Continue Reading →