Manage Files Easily In Metro UI With Metro Commander For Windows 8

Metro Commander is a Windows 8 Metro UI (Modern UI) based file manager. If you are wondering what might be the utility of this application, it is worth pointing out that the Windows Metro UI is not the easiest to use for performing normal file management functions. This is where a sleek and stylish app like Metro Commander can be of immense utility.

Get Marlin File Browser For Linux With Dropbox And Ubuntu One Support


Marlin is a file browser for Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu. It is based on GTK3 and comes with a number of handy feature that are lacked by other file browsers. This includes Dropbox and Ubuntu One integration. Perhaps one of the best features of Marlin is its support for plugins which enables enhancing it to extend its functionality. For example, you can sync, share and publish your external Continue Reading →

How To Integrate Terminal To Nautilus File Browser In Ubuntu Linux

The Linux Terminal is perhaps one of the most important parts of any Linux distribution. Despite the many GUI enhancements, there are some tasks that users still prefer performing from the Terminal. This includes anything from adding PPAs to performing system tasks. Nautilus Terminal, as the name suggests, is aNautilus extension that integrates the Terminal to the file browser. Nautilus Terminal supports all common functions such as copy/paste (using Ctrl+Shift+C), Continue Reading →

Preview Any Kind Of Audio, Video, Code File In Ubuntu With Globus-Preview

Gloobus-Preview is an extension for the Nautilus file browser, which provides an instant preview of different kinds of files including videos, music, pictures, documents and source code files. It has been based on Apple’s Quicklook, which is a feature to get an instant preview of different kind of files. Gloobus-Preview is part of the three Gloobus projects, the other two being CoverGloobus (to preview and switch between audio files) and Continue Reading →

Sunflower Is A Dual Pane File Explorer For Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat & Fedora Linux

Sunflower is an open source dual pane file manager for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and Fedora Linux. Obviously it probably also works with other Linux based operating systems, but I am naming these two specifically due to the available distribution packages that I found. This small, yet highly customizable file manager comes with a number of handy hotkeys and can be further enhanced by installing plugins. Sunflower can be quite handy Continue Reading →