Send Anywhere For Android: Share Any Type Of File Via Internet Or WiFi

Send Anywhere is a web service and mobile application for sharing files, apps and contacts in a secure and easy way over Wi-Fi or via the internet. The official Send Anywhere app for Android has recently become available at the Google Play Store. Using the “Send Anywhere” service users can remotely share content from literally all types of file formats. Furthermore, there are various sharing options that can help you Continue Reading →

Quickly Share Files With Multiple Nearby iOS Devices With Chirp

Chirp is an innovative iOS app that lets you share photos, links and notes with multiple nearby iOS devices. All you have to do is to select a URL, note or Photo and it will be instantly transferred to a nearby iPhone or iPad device running the Chirp app. In other words, no need to sign up for accounts or select individual devices as you can share your data with Continue Reading →

GE.TT & Upload & Share Your Files on Facebook, Twitter & Via Email

Attaching a heavy document via email can be quite a time consuming and frustrating task. GE.TT is a web service that can be used to instantly upload and share files via Facebook,Twitter and an email address, with the help of a URL generated for the uploaded content. Users can upload data even without signing up with the service, however, signing up provides the option to share content via social Continue Reading →