How To Give Color To Your Folders In Windows 7

Folderico is a simple software that allows customizing Windows folders with custom colors and themed icons. You can highlight folders with colored icons to quickly identify important folders, for easily sorting them and to give them a stylish appearance. For example, all important folders can be highlighted in red to allow users to quickly identify their importance. This way, important folders can be kept secure and all users of a Continue Reading →

Send Anywhere For Android: Share Any Type Of File Via Internet Or WiFi

Send Anywhere is a web service and mobile application for sharing files, apps and contacts in a secure and easy way over Wi-Fi or via the internet. The official Send Anywhere app for Android has recently become available at the Google Play Store. Using the “Send Anywhere” service users can remotely share content from literally all types of file formats. Furthermore, there are various sharing options that can help you Continue Reading →

Manage Files Easily In Metro UI With Metro Commander For Windows 8

Metro Commander is a Windows 8 Metro UI (Modern UI) based file manager. If you are wondering what might be the utility of this application, it is worth pointing out that the Windows Metro UI is not the easiest to use for performing normal file management functions. This is where a sleek and stylish app like Metro Commander can be of immense utility.

Extract Old Files From Windows System Restore Points With System Restore Explorer

System Restore is an option in Windows based operating systems which allows rolling back some system files, registry settings and applications to a formerly saved system state. System Restore only allows creating and restoring the system state and does not allow extracting individual files. System Restore Explorer is a tool which allows you to browse available System Restore points on your computer and provides the option to select system restore Continue Reading →