How To Install Flash On Google Nexus 7

So you want Flash on your Google Nexus 7? In the wake of the advent of HTML5, Flash is being considered as obsolete. However, getting rid of Flash is easier said than done. No matter which browser you use or what plug-ins you install, the need for Flash inevitably springs up every now and then. Unfortunately, Flash does not come by default in the Nexus 7 tablet, however it is Continue Reading →

Fix Flash Issues In Ubuntu Linux With Flash Doctor

Flash issues on Linux based operating systems is nothing new. Ubuntu in particular has been prone to Flash related problems. The reason for this perhaps the every changing Ubuntu Kernel and random updates of system components. Furthermore, it can be tricky for common users to identify and install the right Flash version for their Ubuntu or Linux distribution version. Flash Doctor is a script which attempts to fix these problems Continue Reading →

How To Install Copyright Protected Ubuntu Restricted Extras Package

Ubuntu Restricted Extras is a software package which contains essential software which are not pre-installed with Ubuntu due to legal and copyright issues. This package installs support for MP3 and unencrypted DVD playback, Microsoft TrueType core fonts, Flash plugin, and codecs for common audio and video files. Ubuntu restricted Extras depends on some commonly used packages in the Ubuntu multiverse repository. In this post I will tell you how to Continue Reading →

TubeCast Uploads YouTube Videos From Desktop, No Flash Required

TubeCast is a portable software which allows uploading multiple videos simultaneously to YouTube from your desktop, without the need of a Flash based uploader. Using this open source software you can eliminate the need of having to visit YouTube or to use a browser for uploading videos. Before videos are uplaoded, you can also set the category, title, tags, etc for the video and sharing options. The uploading process is Continue Reading →

Resolve Firefox Flash Issues In Ubuntu & Debian Linux With FlashAid

Flash issues have been quite frequent on Ubuntu and Debian computers. Flash-Aid is a Firefox extension for Ubuntu and DebianLinux users which helps remove conflicting Firefox Flash plugins and provides the option to install appropriate Flash versions. You can also use Flash-Aid to apply some tweaks to improve flash playback performance and for fixing common issues.

Google Swiffy Converts Flash SWF Files To HTML5 Format

Swiffy is a Google web service available from Google Labs, which allows converting Flash SWF files to HTML5 format. The conversion process is quite easy and can be useful for converting and viewing Flash content on devices without a Flash Player (such as an iPhone or iPad). Swiffy  supports a SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0, and the output works is displayed within Webkit browsers such as Google Chrome and Mobile Continue Reading →