Multi Commander – Tabbed Alternative To Windows Explorer

Multi Commander is a portable dual pane and tab-based file manager which is an alternative to Windows Explorer. It’s main features include the following: Tabs allowing you to have multiple folders open. Caching that enable fast file browsing. Background work for all tasks that takes time to finish, allowing you to continue working without interruptions. Customize the layout and colors to fit your styling needs. Extensions and plugins that will Continue Reading →

Take Screenshots in Ubuntu & Save Them To Cloud With Lookit

Lookit is a screenshot taking application for Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian, which allows taking screenshots of an active window, selected area and entire desktop. The screenshot is then saved to the hard drive and can be automatically sent to anFTP server, SSH, Imgur, Omploader or CloudApp. You can also assign custom hotkeys to quickly capture the active window, the whole screen or a selected area. You Continue Reading →

Check Any Website For Viruses And Other Malware With URL Void

Sometimes we come across websites which can contain harmful malware and phishing scams. Although there are a number of ways to avoid getting affected by such malicious agents (such as protective applications and extensions), however, these security parameters require visiting the website for them to work. By then it can be too late to stop these malicious agents from infecting your computer. Such malware can be quite harmful for people Continue Reading →