Tweak Ubuntu Gnome Desktop Settings To Get Rid Of Common Annoyances

Many users who move to Ubuntu from other operating system find it hard to get rid of common annoyances such as accidentally removing their Gnome Panel, updating Ubuntu and managing software sources. In this post I will provide you with an easy solution to manage your Gnome Settings for avoiding common issues such as resizing Windows, removing the Gnome Panel, enabling icons on buttons, etc.

Get Thunderbird Unread Mail Count In Unity Launcher With Unity Unread Count

Canonical has announced that Mozilla Thunderbird will be the default mail client for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric . For this reason, Thunderbird customization add-ons will hold more importance for Ubuntu users than ever before. Unity Unread Count is a Mozilla Thunderbird add-on which displays a mail count on the Unity Launcher. You can also, right click Thunderbird icon and get new quicklist items: Compose New Mail and access Contacts.

How To Add PPA To Software Sources In Ubuntu Linux From Ubuntu Software Center

PPA or Personal Package Archives allow you to install Ubuntu source packages to be built and published as an apt repository. In other words, adding a PPA to Software Sources, allows installing applications. In this post I will show you how to add a PPA to Software Sources via Ubuntu Software Center to install applications.

How To Save And Restore Ubuntu Gnome Panel

New Ubuntu users often accidentally delete their Ubuntu Panels. Unfortunately the process to restore the panel entails convoluted commands. However, there is an easier way to restore the panel using a GUI based software. Panel Restore, is an application that saves the state of your Ubuntu Gnome Panel, and allows restoring it later. In this post there are instructions to restore your Gnome Panel from command line and by using Continue Reading →