Instantly Share Any Image To Facebook From Chrome Right Click Menu

Every day we log into Facebook, we find and read interesting news, stories, articles and pictures that are shared with us by our friends. Although articles and status updates are shared with a single click, the same can’t be said about the pictures that we find from various online sources. This is exactly the reason why a third-party developer has come up with a cool extension, known as “Upload Photos Continue Reading →

Create And Play YouTube Playlists Without Leaving The Current Video With YouTube ListPlayer

Ever wanted to create and play playlists in YouTube without having to leave the current page? YouTube™ ListPlayer for Chrome is just what you need. This Chrome extension enables users to create and play YouTube playlists from a menu next to the address bar, which makes it possible to search for videos according to a single or multiple keywords, create and save playlists, as well as explore your YouTube search Continue Reading →

Block Ads On Android Devices With AdBlock Plus


AdBlock Plus is a famous browser extension available for all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. A while back AdBlock for Internet Explorer was also released. Recently, an Android version of AdBlock Plus has been made available on the Google Play store. Like previous versions, Adblock for Android is available for free and you can install it on your Android device in the form of an app.

Locate Required Information From Webpages Easily With Browseye

Browseye is an extension for Firefox, Chrome And Safari that helps quickly locate relevant data from webpages by hiding irrelevant content. Browseye is basically an extended version of the CTRL+F command with more convenient options to identify relevant information from within a webpage by highlighting paragraphs and chunks of text that contain the defined content.

10 Best Alternatives For Android Stock Browser

While the Android stock browser offers many nifty features, it does not provide a number of functionalities that users are able to gain from conventional desktop browsers. Perhaps this is the reason why the release of the Chrome browser for Android created so much excitement for Android users. Let’s take a look at 10 best Android alternatives for the Android stock browser and explore the features that make them worth Continue Reading →

Block Ads, Trackers, Bugs & Web Beacons With Block In Chrome

Chrome Block is a Google Chrome extension that blocks web beacons, ads, trackers, bugs, and other tracking technologies that advertisement companies use to track your browsing preferences online. This extension identifies such unwanted sources on each page that you visit and allows you to block advertisements and different kinds of trackers. This extension can be handy for privacy conscious users who do not wish to be endlessly tracked by advertisement Continue Reading →

Download Chrome For Android For Your Phone Or Tablet

Google Chrome For Android

Google Chrome has long been one of the favorite browser for desktop and laptop users running various operating systems from the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platform. The speed and simplicity of Chrome is now available for none other than your Android phone and tablet. Google Chrome has been released for Android based devices and you can download and install it from the link given at the end of Continue Reading →

Backup & Restore Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE Settings & Data With FavBackup

It can be quite annoying when one require re-configuring browser settings after the installation or re-installation of a browser on a computer. This problem can however, be easily avoided by using FavBackup. It is a free software that provides an easy to use mechanism for backing up and restoring browser data for famous browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Flock . FavBackup provides a simple wizard Continue Reading →

Edit And Save Notes In Chrome With Chrome Notepad


Chrome Notepad is a Google Chrome extension that provides complete notepad functionality within the Chrome browser. It allows instantly creating, editing, saving and deleting notes to help you streamline your online work flow. This extension is  handy for taking quick/detailed notes or copying text information from the internet and can become a  regularly used feature for Chrome OS users.

Address Of IP Address – Trace Location Of IP Address From Chrome


Address of IP Address is a Google Chrome extension, similar to previously reviewed IP Geo Locator, that displays more detailed information of a specified IP address right down to its country, city, IP number, longitude and latitude. It also displays a visual map from Google Maps to show the IP location on a map.